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JChatSocial Enterprise -

JChatSocial Enterprise - Chat


JChatSocial Enterprise - Chat  v2.51.1

Version v2.51.1
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
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Price € 4
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JChatSocial is a NEW and advanced live chat and video chat system fully non-hosted and subscriptions free to offer Peer-to-peer HTML5 video chat ™ in HD and Skype Bridge™! Now integrated with EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, Easyprofile and developed natively as a Joomla! extension!


You won't find such a powerful chat extension at this price, contact us now for a free trial! Increase user interactivity on your website: add chat and much more in minutes. Enable your site users to collaborate on your website using their desktop and mobile.


JChatSocial is the new generation chat app to communicate and share data with other Joomla! users in easy way on your site and offers unique features based on different versions:


Peer-to-peer HTML5 video chat ™ (Requires https)
Videoconference for multiple users (Requires https)
Skype bridge™
Live support chat and chat help desk
Private messaging system
Integrated ticketing management
Social login with Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter
Instant Language Translator ™
Videochat Media Recorder in webm compression format with support to send short video messages
Peer-to-peer Blackboard ™ to share slides and drawing
•Operating system web notifications
Geolocation with Google map
Multiple themes included
Email alerts
•Answer chat from any device
•Message, call and share at same time
Guest users compatible
•Private user-to-user chat and public chat mode also supporting chat rooms
Multiple chat rooms
Form based chat join and auto activation
•Social extensions integrable
File attachment exchange during chat
Configurable Emoji with keyboard shortcuts
Media objects support, videos, iframe, images, links, Youtube, Vimeo, etc
•Private chat between users
•Group chat for multi users conversations
•Messages history for private and public chat
•10 themes included
•Customizable color and aspect
•Rendering in custom position using Joomla module
Audio sounds for incoming messages
•Mobile devices support iOS, Android and more
Responsive full-screen mode
•Save and delete conversation
•Avatars images
•Ban and moderate chat users
•Draggable and resizable chatboxes
•Server load fine tune for performance optimization
•Messages administration in backend area
•Exporting message list in CSV format
•Customizable offline message
•Typing prevision and delivery confirmation
•User access levels

Now you can easily start video chat with best performance offered by nowadays technology thanks to Peer-to-peer HTML5 video chat™ or Skype bridge™ and without consuming bandwidth on your server.
Stop using old Flash-based, hosted and expensive solutions.
New HTML5 features are today available to take advantages of Peer-to-peer data stream with high performance directly between browsers, and the Skype bridge works also on mobile devices that use Skype App, this means that you can use JChatSocial on your device and start Skype calls in just one click. Using a chat system today can't be limited to a single pc, but you need to chat everywhere also when you are on mobile.

JChatSocial is an extreme flexible chat solution, you can use it as a social chat system or as a live support chat tool to talk to your site visitors as soon as they come to your site.

All exchanged data remains within your server and performance can be fine-tuned based on your machine resources, so that also a shared hosting can run fine the chat app.

Users will feel like home, because it has been designed on most popular social networks chat systems such as Facebook, and it's built upon rock solid HTML5 to work on mobile and touch devices.

The Private Messaging System built upon shoulders of giant social networks make it possible exchange messages also between offline users. Users that are not connected will be notified by email that new messages have been delivered, and they will be able to connect and answer even using a mobile device. Not simply a chat system but a fully functional messaging extension.

Live chat visitors can place voice and video calls straight from your website with no additional hardware or software installations. Turn every conversation into an unforgettable chat experience with our video chat software.
Increase Sales & Conversions with our unique live chat system! Are you ready for the future? Add now a native HTML5 HD video chat to your site without needs of hosted or Flash based solutions.

The powerful Instant Language Translator system allows you to translate instantly each message sent to the other party into another language. This is extremely useful to offer customer service to people all around the world.

The chat system is fully non-hosted, this means that you can reduce expensive costs due to providers that offer chat application running on their servers. All data exchanged by the chat application is streamed on your Joomla site, this enforce security and allow you to be the only owner of your chat application and user informations. The chat layout can also be customized using available themes or using a custom template override both for styles and chat images.

This extension is available for Joomla 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x
Contact us to request language translations and version for Joomla 1.5.

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Good plugin for chat and offline ticket support
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