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JLex B

JLex Block


JLex Block  v5.9.5

Version v5.9.5
Compatibility J3 & J4
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The Joomla extension is used to protect one or more pages with a password or restrict views based on factors such as IP address, Country or user. The Easiest Way To Protect Content On Site Compation with all Joomla! extension, module or source code and not affected by SEF/SEO component


If you are looking for a way to protect your articles, products, download pages, or more broadly your entire website... this application will help you. Not only that, it can also protect part of the page (elements) - only it can.

Currently JLex Block provides the following protection tools:
Password: This is the most popular method on Joomla. You can set passwords to any pages or elements that you want to protect. In addition, you can customize, and add a new theme (template) in your way. On the same page, you can protect many elements at once.
Country manager: Deny / Allow requirements from these countries. Each client has one IP, JLex Block will detect the client country based on IP. Now, JLex Block provides more 100 countries. So, it will reduce the amount of spam.
User Group: This method will collect all groups of the Joomla site (like: Public/Guest/Manager/Administrator/Register... and you can add or modify group), and it denies or allow requirements from users of these groups.
User manager: Same as above, this method will deny or allow requirements from special users. You can set up multiple elements on the same page and assign these elements to users that you want them to see.
IP manager: Deny / Allow requirements from these IPs. Same as the country manager method, it will reduce the amount of spam.
Access view level: The basic, Joomla CMS provide 4 view level: Public / Guest / Register / Special. This method allows you to set a minimum level that members can see. Ex: If you set level is Register, users of Register and special level can see the content.
Stop publishing: This method can replace/hide the content of an element or page indefinitely or for a period of time.

Protects content in articles, protect your content with a password! No user account is required to load the content - just the correct password, password article, password content


# Method For Protecting:
Almost popular methods you like

Protect a page or element by one or multiple passwords. In addition, you can control this page via PHP code after a user entered the correct password.
Country Area
Deny/Allow traffic from a country listing. Many websites are simply not relevant to people in other countries. So, you should not expect significant traffic from them as a matter of course.
User Group
Same as User method, an user in these groups can access or not to content of element or page that locked.
User Listing
An user in this listing can access or not to content of element or page that locked.
IP Address
Using to deny listing ip address that you think it's spam or endangering your website.
Access Level
Each user will have a view level. This method used to set content is available for this level or not yet.

Method Group
We called element or page that blocked is "Layer". Normally, you must do something (eg: fill password) to pass a layer. By using this feature, all layers in group will be passed when one of these layers is passed.

Multiple Methods
You can set multiple method blocking for ONE element or page. The user must pass all of these layer to see your content.

Other Cool Features
Not forgetting these equally nifty features included as well.

SEO NOT Affect
The title,description and another meta still be keep when enable method protecting.
Extra Condition
If you know PHP, you can add a condition with a method or create a callback function when method is passed
New and Override
Custom/add theme for each method protecting. Easy to add text or image to protect form


Does extension support K2
Not only K2 but all most Joomla! extension is supported
Can I protect for special element?
Yes. It's support
Can I use JLex Block to add Google Structured data or Custom HTML?
Yes. It's possible

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