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JUX EventOn


JUX EventOn  v.1.0.1

Version 1.0.1
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site JoomlaUX external
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JUX Eventon is an online event booking Joomla component by JoomlaUX team which is designed to support users booking ticket fast, simple with details information and save time at most.

Various search options

In order to help users quickly search for their appropriate events, JUX Eventon has supported search bar with different search options such as search by keywords, venues, categories, date. By using the search bar, visitors can look for their needed information faster and exactly.

Sorted by events and venues

Ticket buyers can view events by list or grid styles, or looking for the event by location.
If you want to search for events by event name, the events will show up with: event name, details information, date, location and ticket price.
If you search for an event by venues, the event will display event’s location where the event will be held and a short description, an address of events.

Details information about events is provided

Each event will be described with details information including Images, Event name, Date, location, tags, description, ticket number, coupon code, billing, comment, social share.

All events will be listed in venue information

Each location could holding different events, therefore, view all events by venues is necessary for an Event online booking.
In venues details, you can show location’s images by slider, description about the place and show it on google map.
List of all events in the same location will be displayed in venue details and filter by week, month, date so that you can easily follow the event schedule.

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