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JXTC Zoo Item

JXTC Zoo Item Wall


JXTC Zoo Item Wall  v.1.14.1

Version 1.14.1
Compatibility j3
Developer site JoomlaXTC / Monev external
Dev Price $ 11
Price 3.1 €
Remember to extract zip file!

Set a selection criteria and display results choosing from five preinstalled templates or create your own using any combination of HTML/CSS code and placeholder tags.

Custom layout templates can contain any bit of content information such as text, author, related items, videos, teaser images, category names, links and much more using simple placeholder tags. Add custom special effects for sliding or fading pages, scroll, popups, tooltips and more!

60+ Pre-installed templates
1 reference template
25+ Information placeholder tags
Supports 3rd-party Avatars
Custom HTML, CSS and content plugin support
Support for unlimited layouts
Supports multiple module copies
Joomla! compatible JS special effects
Administrator-defined selection criteria
8 Sort options
Custom date formats
Avatar sizes
42 button sets included
Easy color adjustments with colorpicker controls

2012/04/30 Version 1.4.0

Many new features:

  • Improved compatibility

  • Increased number of placeholder tags to 34

  • Added support for multiple custom fields

  • Improved video rendering

  • Support for multiple Zoo applications

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