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Version 1.1.0
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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2 Click Social Buttons integrates social buttons privacy safe - buttons are not loaded until the user clicks on them. The plugin and the module is a result of the problems that the integrated buttons of known social services already transmit personal data, although they still has not been clicked. So the visitors can be identified by the transmitted session ID.

The buttons have to be clicked active by visitors, so that the code of the buttons is reloaded. Thus, no personal data are transferred without the consent of the visitor. When the page loads first so-called "dummies" are displayed. The dummies are simple images that will be replaced by a click with the right buttons. Without clicking on the images no data are transferred to the social services. Another advantage is the faster loading of pages because of the very small image files.


  • Privacy-friendly integration of social services
  • Code of the buttons is only loaded after a click
  • Supported social networking services: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, XING and Google Plus
  • Faster loading of the pages
  • Available as a plugin and module
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