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Template Creator CK


Template Creator CK  v.4.1.0

Version 4.1.0
Compatibility j3
Developer site Cédric KEIFLIN external
Dev Price 24 €
Price 3.4 €
Remember to extract zip file!

You can create your own Responsive Joomla templates with few clicks with no need of high CSS knowledge. Template Creator is a tool to constuct Joomla templates in few minutes. You can create your own HTML structure and add set your css (colors, dimensions, etc) without code knowledge. By clicking on the menu you can have a preview and direct download the template package to install it on any Joomla 1.5,1.7/2.5 or 3.x website.

Template Creator has to be installed in a Joomla 2.5 or 3.x website.

Included features :
- Manager for Responsive Design layout (for mobiles)
- joomla 1.5, 2.5 or 3.x compatiblity for the generated templates
- drag and drop interface to create your layout
- add, move, remove the modules positions how you want
- give the name you want to the modules positions
- instant preview
- multiple HTML blocks (flexible modules, horizontal menu, row of modules, custom html, ...)
- color pickers to select your colors on elements
- custom background image for each element
- CSS3 styles for rounded corners, shadows, and gradients (IE7-8 compatible with PIE)
- unlimited exotic fonts from fontsquirrel or google fonts
- CSS styles manager for modules, module titles and menus, buttons etc ...
- CSS for horizontal menu compatible with Maximenu CK
- compatible RTL
- unlimited templates, no limitation

Choose your style in 1 click
Use the integrated theme to create your template in 1 click. Select the design that you want and customize it without limit.

Responsive Design
Choose how to manage your modules and rows on every resolutions for computer, tablet and phones. You can stack them vertically, hide them, add a mobile menu ...

Fixed or fluid layout
You can set a width for the content or set it to be the whole page width. You decide how your website will be shown. You can choose how you want your page to display.

One page design
You can use Template Creator CK with other extensions like Scroll To CK to make your website one page with a smooth scroll animation. You can also add a Parallax effect, put a fullwidth slideshow, and add a megamenu to your page. You can do what you want, add any feature to your template to make your website really cool.

Manage your columns
You can easily manage your columns in the specific interface. Click on the columns and the modules to enable and disable them. For each column you can give it a width in percent and the template will adpat itself to all situations (1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns).

Manage your modules
Do you need a row of modules ? You can set them in the ergonomic interface to select the number of modules you need. For each module you can give a specific width and the template will adapt itself to all situations regarding the modules that you have published in your website.

Styles presets
Use the styles preset to give your page a very nice design in one click. Many presets that allow you to set the style of any block, but also some nice menus, and amazing shadows effects. You can also create your own preset and use it on any element with one click.

Custom code
If you need to do more and add some custom features to your template, you can write your own CSS rules, custom PHP code into the head

You can use the component to create your professional and commercial templates.

Integration of Pixabay
Use millions of free images directly in the creation interface of your template / theme thanks to the integration of Pixabay in the media manager. Search your images by keywords and browse the results endlessly. Just select your image to automatically download it and integrate it into your creations.

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