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JSN PageBuilder 3 & 4 Pro


JSN PageBuilder 3 & 4 Pro  v.1.3.8

Version 1.3.8
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site JoomlaShine external
Views 2,895
Dev Price $ 69
Price € 4
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JSN PageBuilder4

JSN PageBuilder 4, the new generation Joomla! Page Builder from JoomlaShine, helps you to build complex web pages during making your coffee. The powerful visual composer was developed by one of the biggest provider who has more than 10 years experience in developing Joomla! templates and extensions. Now creating websites which have various content pages is only a matter of creativity. JSN PageBuilder 4 with smart features, innovative UI/UX design, flexible page builder elements and modern samples for page sections and page articles would be a best choice for all Joomla! users at any level.


Joomla! Page Builder Elements

Element panel of JoomlaShine Page Builder contains 23 groups of elements. They are:
-Layout: the element provides multiple variants to divide web pages into sections.
-Heading: 10 variants of heading help to optimize content in various styles.
-Paragraph: 9 variants for all kinds of paragraph.
-Icon Box: 6 types of content box that contain icons.
-Image Box: 8 attractive content box selections with images.
-Testimonial: 4 options to display professional customer feedback.
-Team Member: 4 ways to show your workforce persuasively.
-Pricing Tables: the significant element to build an informative and effective product page.
-Button: 10 options for strong call-to-actions on landing pages.
-Image: 6 variants for an impressive visual content presentation.
-Icon: more and more icons to decor a lively page.
-Progress: the element provides 4 ways to show charts, poles or similar kind of data.
-List: users can choose to show organized highlights with bullet points, numbers or icons.
-Tabs: very useful element to present long content but still maintain the coherence.
-Accordion: interactive element which helps to show content that is similar to FAQs.
-Google Map: simply display location from Google Map nicely.
-Divider: multiple options to divide long page content.
-QRCode: more authority with attached QRCode
-Social: elements for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are available now, and they will be updated more with other social networks.
-Media: there are 4 elements for Soundcloud, HTML5, Vimeo and Youtube.
-Advanced: it allows advanced page builder users to use table and custom HTML.
-Joomla: this group contains 2 crucial elements which are Read More and Jooma! Modules.
-Articles: 3 variants of listing blog articles.

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