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DJ-Tabs  v.1.3.6

Version 1.3.6
Compatibility j3
Developer site DJ-Extensions external
Dev Price $ 27
Price 3.1 €
Remember to extract zip file!

DJ Tabs is a powerful Joomla tabs and accordion extension with WCAG 2.0/Section 508 support purposed for displaying different types of content in a flexible way allowing you to set almost every aspect of the look, feel and content and way it is displayed.

However, there is also a combined way possible. If you are displaying articles form defined category - the accordion list of articles will be shown on the tab!

Going further to the customization you can add the custom icon (font awesome) to each tab, and customize the whole tabs or accordion view by using the theme customizer or one of the 12 predefined themes!

Each of them can be easily configured and offers different options so that you can set everything depending on your needs.

There are also many other useful features that can come to your mind as a need once you start using any tabs extension.For example, you can create an URL that will point directly to the tab of your choice. You can set the starting tab and decide which tab will be opened first when the webpage is opened.

Read more below to learn more about them.

What kind of content can be displayed in tabs or accordion?
The possibilities are huge - from the single article, through articles from a specific category to modules.
There are exactly six types of items that can be used:
Module position - you can display any Joomla module of your choice in the tab or accordion. This is a very powerful feature. Imagine you can display for example Latest news module in one tab, popular articles in the second tab. This way you can create a nice sidebar widget for your website with the most interesting content. The possibilities are endless.
- Single Joomla article - choose any Joomla article that will be displayed in the tab or accordion, from now you have a really wide range of possibilities to decide how the article will look like in the tab, some of the features you can set are:
-- show/hide the date and decide on its position
-- show/hide or link the title
-- Limit characters of the title so rest will be cut out
-- Control the image’s behavior by setting options to show/hide it, choose its position (left/right/center), make the image linked, or set its dimensions by providing width and height
-- Intensive settings of the description (content of the article that is displayed in the tab) by setting if it should be displayed in full (HTML) or just the content that can be limited by providing the characters limit. Make the content linked, display the category name above the content, make it linked or show/hide author of the article. You can also manage displaying the “read more” button and even change its text to your own right in the tab settings if you want to make it special for some reason.
- Articles category - articles from selected category will be pulled and displayed in accordion layout inside the tab!

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