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Speed Cache


Speed Cache  v.3.1.5

Version 3.1.5
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site JoomUnited external
Views 3,532
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Joomla have a native cache and Gzip compression system, that's a good start. Speed Cache comes over as a natural improvement of the Joomla page cache system with a lot of performance, compatibility and features enhancement.


Speed Cache brings: a powerful static page caching, compatible with user sessions, a full browser cache system, a preloading cache system and a URL inclusion cache control. Some handy tools are also part of the extension like the activation for logged in and logout users, an auto-index for caching URLs and an automatic cache cleaner on specified actions. Everything is under control from the Speed Cache dashboard.


Speed Cache detailed features:

  • New static cache system: generate and send more more HTML static content than the Joomla cache system.
  • Activate a full browser caching system: the major part of the page content is stored in the user browser, including heavy resources like images. So even pages with a lot of content will be loaded in no time. Plus, you can automatically ask this cache to be cleaned.
  • Cache automatic regeneration after cleaning: once the cache is cleaned it can be regenerated based on a selection of pages.
  • Check and fix Joomla inbuilt optimization (cache and Gzip): Check for Joomla default performance system activation.
  • Fix Joomla Expire Headers: Check and fix Joomla Expire Headers problem.
  • Image lazy loading: Lazy Load delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport will not be loaded before user scrolls to them.
  • File minification system with visual configuration.
  • File group: group all your JS/CSS and font files to be served faster.
  • Defer CSS and JS file loading (eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS).
  • Activate CDN on your website: define CDN URL and content, define CND content exclusion, force CDN relative or absolute path.
  • Static cache Inclusion/Exclusion by URL.
  • Static cache Inclusion/Exclusion of URL set by rules.
  • Speed Cache URL automatic add from new menu items.
  • Import cache URL from menu: put all the pages from menu in cache.
  • Check for PHP version: check if PHP7+ version is activated.
  • Auto Clear all cache on admin and frontend actions: clean cache automatically based on user actions (save, move, trash...)
  • Clean all cache cache using a button available all over Joomla admin.
  • CCK compatible (Zoo, K2,...).


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