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SP Medical - Medical Management System


SP Medical - Medical Management System  v.2.1.0

Version 2.1.0
Compatibility J3 & J4
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SP Medical component is here. Making a medical or healthcare service site with required functionalities is so easy with this extension. The beauty of Joomla lies in the power of transforming any general template into a high quality and functional website. Some specialized Joomla extensions can create a dedicated website bringing all essential functionalities to it. SP Medical component is one of such Joomla extensions. It brings all necessary medical features to your Joomla site in minutes.


From finding a doctor to estimating potential expenses including treatments, diagnostics, and tests, SP Medical brings phenomenal functionalities to a medical service website. It’s a complete medical management solution for dentists, hospitals, health clinics, surgeons, pediatrics and all other health-related websites.


SP Medical’s powerful features

There’s a lot that SP Medical brings to your website. Once SP Medical extension in hand, you can turn your Joomla site into a high-end medical service website easily. Let’s take a look at some of its core features.

A complete medical management system

SP Medical Joomla extension brings all modern medical service related functionalities (e.g. specialist listing, scheduling, appointment) to power a complete medical website. The features not just ease the effort of finding medical services for patients but also offers tremendous help for site owners to manage the site smoothly.

Display specialist profiles

Add medical specialist or doctor profiles to your healthcare site with SP Medical extension. Include name, designation, qualifications, schedules and all other relevant information in their profiles. Patients can request an appointment right from the individual specialist profiles.

List departments and services

Present all your medical departments and services to dedicated pages for the visitors to navigate through them easily. The patients and stakeholders can check the details of each department with the treatment expenses of services of that particular department. There’s a cost estimation calculator to measure the potential expenses instantly.

Dynamic specialist appointment system

The dynamic specialist appointment system of SP Medical lets your site visitors make an appointment easily. On the other hand, a site admin can sort the booked appointments through different ways with multiple filters like department, specialist, and date. Intended visitors on the appointment page find their serial numbers just after submitting the form with all required information.

Versatile search mechanism

This module presents the flagship search system on your healthcare site. Visitors can search the doctors by their departments, specialties, names and other keywords. The advanced filtering mechanism lets your visitors narrow the search by different subdivisions and gender.

Specialist schedules

Date and time of the available specialists are displayed on the schedule page. Admins can define the dates and times of the specialists while enlisting them with the component. The schedule page will reflect them automatically. Names of the specialists will be displayed with their specialties on the selected time slots.

Cost estimator

SP Medical offers an efficient system to estimate potential service expenses. Intended visitors can measure the expenses right on the site before even taking the service. They can select the checkboxes of available items to calculate their costs. The total cost for the services of selected items will be displayed instantly. There’s a currency switcher in the system to display the calculated amount in any currency you prefer as an admin.

Medical Specialists module

The Medical Specialists module lists a bunch of doctor/specialist profile on your website with links to the details. Clicking their profile links, visitors can go to the details.

2 department layouts

There are 2 different department/service layout options. You can select either for your website. Differences are made only on the content display. One shows icons while another shows images of the departments/services as the thumbnails.

Unique dashboard with quick overview and statistics

SP Medical has a centralized dashboard that shows the site statistics for the departments, specialists, appointments and other data along with visual representation. The newly added specialists and recent appointments are also shown right below.


Creating a medical service website has not been this much easy before. With SP Medical’s rich features, you can create medical websites that fit into all across the devices leaving no issues whatsoever. So, create functional a medical service website now. And please let us know your feedback via comments. Cheers!

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