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Redirect-on-Login Pro


Redirect-on-Login Pro  v.4.0.6

Version 4.0.6
Compatibility j3
Developer site Carsten Engel external
Dev Price $ 20
Price 3.1 €
Remember to extract zip file!
Redirect-on-Login Pro
Redirect-on-Login Pro62
Redirect-on-Login Pro163

Redirect users on login per accesslevel / usersgroup. Can also block users from logging in.

Redirect to specific urls, or the current page. Handy for redirecting to submit an article. Or to portal-page per accesslevel.
Includes an option to ignore the set redirects when user logs in after trying to open a restricted page.
for all users
per usergroup
per accesslevel 
per specific user
when login/logout at backend 
custom redirect scripts

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