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Expense Manager

Expense Manager Pro


Expense Manager Pro  v.4.0.0

Version 4.0.0
Compatibility j3
Developer site JoomlaThat! external
Dev Price € 39
Price 6 €
Remember to extract zip file!

Expense Manager is a solution to keep track of your personal or business finances and mantain a control on your expenses and income. Create unlimited categories for your expenses and assign colors to them to quickly identify every entry with its coloful tag. Create as many accounts as you want to know how much you spend using Credit Card, Bank transfers, cash...

Know the total outcome or income for a given period of time, a given category or account... or all at once! Using the handy filters the extension we provide, you can know how much you spend in everything in just a couple clicks. Control your budget in a simple and intuitive unified view on your Joomla! site. And it is 100% Joomla 2.5 & 3.x compatible.

Keep track of all your expenses and income
Unlimited number of categories & accounts (Credit Card, Cash...)
AJAX powered, super fast page loading. No page reloads!
Filter results by date range, category, account...
ACL: define which users can perform certain actions (view, edit, add expenses...)
Recurring expenses
Email notifications
CSV and Excel export
Manage taxes in items
Separate user accounts or all together
Attachments: add files to download with the expenses

Compatible with Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3

Dynamic data filtering (filter results as you type)

Infinite scroll: load more items as you scroll down the page
Fast data input: Smart data suggestion based on user activity
On-screen data editing

JomSocial integration

EasySocial integration
Invoice Manager integration

Compatible with Content Statistics (sold separately) to make beautiful graphic reports using colorful bar charts, line charts and pie charts.

Multi-language (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian...)
100% open source code

Mobile friendly

Responsive layouts

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