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SignUpToken  v.1.0.4

Version 1.0.4
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site bekul | CodeCanyon external
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User Management made easy! With the SignUpToken component for Joomla! you can prepare user account specifications and hand them out by giving away access tokens. You don’t have to worry about the actual account creation anymore. Users will create their accounts on their own, but registration is protected and controlled through the tokens.

Use Cases
Send invitations for your website with or without elevated rights.
Sell user accounts (single users or even groups of users) by selling the tokens.
Protect your site from spam-/fake-accounts by giving a token only to known people.
Detailed description
In a standard Joomla! installation there are two common ways for user management: Either you allow public registration so that everyone can create an account on your site or you disable public registration and let administrators handle the work of creating dedicated user accounts.

With the SignUpToken component for Joomla! there now is a third option for your Joomla! user registration process. The component lets you add a public user registration form to your site which requires an individual token to fulfill the registration. Those tokens can easily be generated from token templates in the admin component. The tokens have two main characteristics:

you can assign Joomla! groups which you want the new user to be assigned to. This way you move the assignment of an access level for the user right into the registration process and don’t have to handle that manually after the account creation.
each token can have a different number of allowed account creations, so it is possible to hand out one single token to a group of possible users or treat everyone individually.
The component utilizes Joomla!s email system so that you can send invitations for your website directly from the token list in the admin component. You can even create different email templates for that.

Further development
The SignUpToken component is in production for some of our own web based products so further development is ensured. If you have ideas about additional features please drop us a message or a comment so that we can talk about that.

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