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OSTimer Pro


OSTimer Pro  v.2.9.15

Version 2.9.15
Compatibility j3
Developer site Joomlashack external
Dev Price $ 19
Price 3.1 €
Remember to extract zip file!

OSTimer allows you to the show the countdown to an event. OSTimer enables you to configure your countdown's features and display in many ways. A Joomla countdown that looks great.

A Joomla countdown that looks great
You can display countdown clock on your Joomla site using one of the available themes and choosing a custom color. The Pro version comes with extra themes.

OSTimer works in all devices
OSTimer is fully responsive and is able to fit anywhere on your site.

Customize the Joomla countdown layout
OSTimer arrives with several different themes and the ability to customize your clock's color scheme.

Easily create a Joomla countdown clock
OSTimer allows you to quickly publish a countdown clock, configuring it to show how long is left before your event starts.

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