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RD-Autos Single Dea

RD-Autos Single Dealer


RD-Autos Single Dealer  v.4.2.0

Version v4.2.0
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site Robert Dam external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,725
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RD-Autos is a component for small Garages and Auto Sellers (Single Dealer)! With RD-Autos Single Dealer you will have an Auto Garage Selling vehicles in a few steps, the only thing you have to do is configure the component and making the CSS meets your needs!

Managing (unlimited) vehicle makes.
Managing unlimited models (related to a make)
Import makes and models (CSV)
We offer you a makes and models package also
Featured cars/vehicles on top of list.
Uploading images.(UNLIMITED)
Resizing images. (GD2 required)
Hitcounter per car!
Special prices to logged in users.
Edit and Add/Apply vehicles
Managing 1 PDF file per vehicle. (Need to create it your self)
Lightbox images in your own format
Multi Language Component
Send to friend Function
Enquiry Function to dealer
Category Pages with description
Lots of Configuration
SEF Url's based on Joomla Route System
VIN & Stock Numbers in Front and Backend
Human Tests Before submitting Enquiry or Send To Friend
Advanced search pages with clean results.
Makes and model Import System
APK & Bovag and NAP Guarantee for dutch users.
All Emails Are sent in HTML formats, can be changed by admin
Several Prices and formats available
Improved Search in backend
Ordering vehicles like you want as set in the backend.
Full Inventory Pages (All vehicles in one page)
Metakeys & Description to vehicles
Configurable dropdown menu's at category page.
YouTube Support in Lightbox
PDF Crowed Support for online PDF Creating
ACL Levels added in management/administration
Native Captcha (no plugins required)
Unlimited Vehicle Options by Checkboxes and manager
Sold Vehicle Categories
Vehicles can be posted in several categories at once.
Multiple image uploader has been added in v3.0.1
Completely Responsive (Bootstrap 2 and 3)
Fully Multi Lingual
Part Selling the easy way!

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