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Geocode Facto

Geocode Factory 5


Geocode Factory 5  v.5.16.0209

Version 5.16.0209
Compatibility j3
Developer site Z. Rick external
Dev Price € 49
Price 4.5 €
Remember to extract zip file!

Geocode Factory 5 is a mapping component. It display third party items on maps. It's an evolution of the 100+ 5 stars reviewed Geocode Factory 3. The map creation is unlimited. Each maps can be customized for each instance via templating and CSS and we provide built-in options like sidebars, geolocation, dynamic radius search and many others!

With Geocode Factory Component, you can create an unlimited number of Google Maps (or custom maps tiles like Openstreetmap or any custom map).

Each map has its unique settings like zoom, zoom range, clustering, size, intro texts, radius search, locate me button (browser position for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, new browsers), etc...

Maps can also be assigned to it's individual menu item if desired or into a module position (free module available).

The bubble can contain any custom fields from the source component, an online status, avatar/image, streetview, distance from radius, waysearch, etc... The bubble is fully customizable with HTML statements, and loaded with a click through ajax to reduce the loading time.

Geocode Factory starting with version 5 introduces the use of plugins for specific extensions to extend the core component. Each additional plugin will create a gateway between Geocode Factory and third party extensions.

Sample: There is a Gateway for Sobipro, the Geocode Factory 5 can read Sobipro data and use them to display makers, geocode entries, filter Sobipro search results, ...

You can mix the markers from multiple third party extensions on the same map. The most part of gateway plugins allow to batch geocode all entries at once from backend.

By default Geocode Factory 5 is delivered with the plugins for the Joomla articles then you can geocode Joomla articles and display them on maps and/or display maps on articles.

The base package is free and it contains:
- The main component and related module
- The Joomla content article gateway plugin
- The Joomla content article geocode plugin

Optionally and for friendly prices you can add gateway plugin for Sobipro, Mosets Tree, Community Builder (including profile map plugin), Jomsocial (including profile map plugin), Jomsocial Events, ... we are currently writing some other.

Update v14.2405:
- new editor button (front/back) that allow to geocode articles by selecting a point on a map, or entering an address
- new plugin for Jomsocial Events

Update v14.1017:
+ dyncat: now if entries are in multiples categories, the current icon is used
^ updater: fix in tooltips for expiration date format.
+ joomla language support in maps, and markerset
+ Sobipro, support categories names list in bubble
^ waysearch on google maps
^ Sobipro, update the detail view.
+ Added the level concept

many little adjustements
^ Community Builder 2.0 comptatible and lot of fixes
+ new load map joomla plugin

{loadgfmap xxx}

, where xxx is the identifier of the map. Sample:

{loadgfmap 13}

+ new radius sear

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