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Floating Module CK


Floating Module CK  v.1.2.3

Version 1.2.3
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site Cédric KEIFLIN external
Views 1,211
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Price € 2
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Use Floating Module CK to choose any of your modules to make it float in the page. Just activate it in the module options and you can choose between multiple settings like float always or float on scroll, background color, distance with the page.



- One click activation - Apply to any module - Responsive behavior - Multiple float method : always float, or float only when the top of the screen touch the module - Options for distance with the screen - Float multiple modules in the same page


Fast settings

Don't waste your time with going into another settings page, simply use the options that are directly integrated into any module. the only thing that you have to do is to edit your module and enable the floating option.

Just click and save.


Limit detection - Container

If you float your module on scroll, you can also tell the limit where it shall stop to float. This allows you to make your module only float in its container and never fly over other modules.


Demo video

Watch the video to see how Floating Module CK works.

You can see how fast it is to create a sticky module in few seconds, how to choose the options and do what you want !

Use the options directly into the module to set up the floating method. Don't waste your time, just click and save.



Decide yourself if the floating feature shall work on mobile devices. You can set the resolution limit under which the floating method will be disable, if you don't want your sticky module to be on the middle of the phone screen.

You can also let the floating feature apply on any resolution.

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New version 1.3.3 update please.

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  • paulopoars Member 10 months ago
    New version 1.3.3, please