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Export users to Excel or CSV file


Export users to Excel or CSV file  v.3.2.2

Version 3.2.2
Compatibility J3 & J4
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Export Joomla Users with User-Profile data to Excel Filter & Download users with all custom data that User-Profile plugin contains ✔ Exports user data into Excel or CSV file ✔ Filters users by different criteria ✔ One-click export feature saves a lot of time


This export users tool allows you to download users in Excel/CSV format in a few clicks.

You can export thousands of users in a few seconds.
Each exported user will be saved in Excel/CSV file with the information you need, so before export, you can specify which data (e.g. email, name, position) you need.
So, if you don't want to export some data (e.g. ZIP code or Address) - no problem, just specify it in the settings.


Our tool allows you to export users for any purposes:

  • Mass mailing;
  • Your business partner;
  • Migration of users to any other system (like CRM or newer Joomla) and much more.


The main features of "User Export" tool:

  • Control over User Fields' order - Drag and drop columns and enable/disable columns in the file by clicking at column title.
  • Exports standard Joomla User FieldsContacts and User-Profile fields. Also Joomla 3.7+ Fields is supported. ("Contacts" and "User Profile" support are available in separate editions.)
  • Export user groups - Each group will be separated by a comma.
  • Export Profile - it's a saved export with selected preferences, filters, fields' order, etc. and you can use it later for downloading users in a single click. Check more in "Export Profile" section below.
  • Advanced Filtering - filter users by Group(s), Registration Date, any field value, date range, etc.
  • Profile Sharing - For example, you need to allow your manager to download a list of "Students" without allowing him to log on to Joomla Admin Panel. With this tool, you can create a special Profile and then grant access to a particular user and/or group of users. For more details please check the FAQ below.
  • Export by Schedule - It allows you to save Export Profile and set it to be exported at the time you need, on a regular basis.
  • Grant/limit access to Export component - With this tool you can allow specific user group(s) to access Export Users extension in Joomla administration panel.
  • Download Personal Data - Since GDPR law was released, websites must enable users to download their data. This feature works in combination with the Profile feature. For more details please check FAQ section below.
  • Support of old Joomla versions: 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.X


Migration from old to new Joomla:

In combination with our Import Users extension, it can be used to migrate users from one Joomla to another. To migrate users you also need import extension - check out the "Other Extension" tab on this page.
Please note: Joomla 1.5 can't be migrated to Joomla 3.x at once. First you'll have to migrate from 1.5 to Joomla 2.x.


"Export Profile" feature:

Export Profile - it's a saved template with selected preferences, filters, columns, etc. that can be used many times later.

For example, you need to export 3 excel files with different data for different purposes, like for:
- for a business partner;
- for mass mailing;
- for backup.

You need to specify export settings once for each file.
"User export" will remember it and create 3 export buttons for you.
By clicking on them, a new file will be downloaded immediately.

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