VJ Zoom  v.1.0.3
Version 1.0.3
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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VJ Zoom allows you to add a configurable zoom effect to single images and gallery sets.


Multiple zoom effect types
Choose among multiple zoom effect types: inner, lens, zoom window with different positions.

Images and galleries
You can display either single images or whole galleries.

Pure Javascript, no Flash
VJ Zoom is compatible with every modern browser and it doesn't require any Flash plugin. Pure Javascript.

Fancybox Gallery Support
VJ Zoom supports Fancybox galleries.

Other Notable Features

  • Comes as module and plugin to place in articles and module positions. Plugin code to place in an article is as easy as: {vjzoom smallImage="images/small.jpg" bigImage="images/big.jpg" /}
  • Several customizable properties like opacity, position, width, height, etc.
  • Tint, easing, fade effect
  • Flypages/templates to add zoom effect for Virtue Mart, JoomShopping, Hikashop
  • Greate tool to create product showcases
  • Can show loading icon when big images take too long to load
  • Change zoom level with mouse scroll
  • This is open-source software under GPL license


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