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ARI Quiz


ARI Quiz  v.3.9.18

Version 3.9.18
Compatibility j3
Developer site external
Dev Price $ 65
Price 4.5 €
Remember to extract zip file!

Main features

  • provides statistics of test results
  • allows to group tests via categories (supports sub-categories)
  • supports ability to limit actions on backend for users from selected user groups
  • provides number of predefined types of questions
  • possible share results via social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  • contains English, Russian and German (frontend part) translations and supports ability to create new translations
  • versioning: after you have modified test's questions old information is preserved
  • question templates support
  • possible to create math quizzes
  • supports themes
  • ability to create templates for result pages, emailing results, print versions
  • export quizzes results to CSV, HTML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel format
  • supports AJAX making the component more fast and powerful. AJAX technology lets user to pass test without page reloads - component will update all the page stuff itself
  • ability to randomly select number of questions from question-pool or use them in queue
  • comes with built-in Windows-like calculator
  • includes question bank. It contains questions that can be added to quizzes. If you change question in question bank all the changes are applied to quizzes that are created on basis of these question.
  • detailed answers statistics
  • processing question content with plugins (experimental feature)
  • mail templates
  • result scale (administrator can set up ranges for scores of passing test. In accordance to these ranges text template, print template and mail template can be set).
  • possibility to embed quiz in article with help "ARI Quiz Anywhere" plugin
  • can be integrated with AlphaUserPoints component
  • allows to copy the questions and quizzes and to move questions
  • supports Joomla SEF
  • supports bulk edit
  • can display user quizzes results and activities in JomSocial user profile
  • supports integration with EasySocial user points
  • can show user quizzes results in "Community Builder" user profile

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