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Yootheme ZOO Full - incl (Languages)  v.3.3.37
Version 3.3.37
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Yootheme ZOO is a flexible and powerful content application builder to manage your content.


  • Create multiple app instances - Each one manages its own content like items and categories.
  • ZOO provides a clean design with a JavaScript powered user interface to manage apps.
  • Create your very own custom content types to fit exactly your requirements.
  • Choose from a rich set of elements like forms, images, videos, ratings and more.
  • Arrange your content via drag and drop by assigning elements to layout positions.
  • Extend categories with custom fields and sort them using drag and drop.
  • The slick comment system supports Akismet, Gravatar, Twitter and Facebook Connect.
  • Adding tags is a breeze with text suggestion, auto completion and multiple selections.
  • Use our form builder to let your users submit content via the frontend of your website!
  • Trusted authors can review and edit their created content directly from the frontend.
  • Import your content from Joomla, CSV files and popular Joomla components

Included Apps

  • Blog - Easily build your own weblog with features like comments, tags and social bookmarks.
  • Pages - Need a static content page like a Copyright or Team page? Here you go!


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