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Yendif Video Share Pro


Yendif Video Share Pro  v.2.1.2

Version 2.1.2
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site Yendif Technologies external
Views 4,193
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Yendif Video Share Pro - incl (Quickstart YVS Classic Template) The most powerful and flexible video player & gallery extension that helps to add video content in your Joomla! Websites. It can be simply used to show a single video or to build large video sharing websites.

Yendif Video Player is a kind of media player for playing back digital video data. Now, Creating an awesome video player in your Joomla! Websites has become simple by using Yendif Video Share - a powerful video player and gallery extension. It works well in both Flash and HTML5 engines. Responsiveness is the major aspect of this video player extension. Here, Video Player is designed in such a way, to automatically pick the best playback according to user's browsers and gadgets. This makes your video player, playable anywhere.


You can create playlists, to play a list of videos in loop. You are also provided with several backend configurations for video player and playlists which makes your websites more appealing.


Other than adding videos, you can also Comment, Rate and Like or Dislike videos.Videos playing in a video player or playlists can be stopped publishing automatically after certain date.You can even share the videos playing in your video player using social networking site. Another important aspect of this video player extension is SEF - options to build your own links structure. You are provided with following modules - Video Player, Video Playlists, Videos Search, Video Categories and Videos. Apart from it, Yendif video share player plugin is intergrated, which helps you to display video players or video playlists in the article(content) pages using plugin shortcodes.


General Features

  • A beautiful HTML5 & Flash based Responsive Video Player
  • Play well in mobiles, tablets & desktops
  • Vast amount of player configuration options
  • Support responsive templates
  • Beautiful and Powerfull video gallery system to display video/category thumbnails
  • Ability to sort categories & videos as Latest, Popular, Featured, Most Rated, Date Added, Custom Ordering
  • Comment & Rate videos
  • Add your own social share script (ex:addthis)
  • Videos embeddable to other websites
  • Subtitling video(support only one language)
  • Track the player events through your Google Analytics account
  • Control playback through keyboard shortcuts


# Awesome Features:

HTML5 Player
The Pure HTML5 Player is supported in all the browsers and is designed to pick the best playback automatically.

Responsive Player
Yendif Player is fully responsive and its support for all devices

Player involves an immense variety of configurable options that give you a better control over every <video>.

Play YouTube
Fully supporting YouTube’s Flash and IFrame Api, Yendif Player selects the optimal Api for your device and browser.

Add a playlist with the player based on category.

Skin Variations
Currently, two skins (Black and White) are available. More choices will be available soon.

Preroll & Postroll
Get the video player in which you can able to show Pre-roll and Post-roll advertisements for the video.

Social Share
Share your video pages to all social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc., to increase your site traffic & reach globally.

iframe Embed Code
Play videos using third-party embed code

Making Subtitles
Subtitle your videos the way you want with Yendif Player.

Google Analytics
Yendif Player will utilize the Google Analytics tools to track every event whenever your video is started or completed.

Control via Keyboard
Get remarkable control over on your keyboard for your convenience at the time of Video playing.


# Some Major Features:
With over 50,000+ downloads, Yendif Video Share is the perfect solution for YOU. Here’s why smart HTML5 player, gallery, and developers love Yendif Video Share, and you will too!

Yendif Player allows you to play your advertisement by adding VAST/VPAID URL

HD Quality Switcher
Option to switch from Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD) within the player

Rating, Comments, Like & Dislike
Evaluate a video by adding a rating, express it in comments and accept the video by like/dislike.

Live Streaming
Play videos by adding live streaming URL.

Add Your Logo and Branding
Option to add your own branding for the videos

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