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vData - Data Management Tool


vData - Data Management Tool  v.2.9.29

Version 2.9.29
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site WDMtech external
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Price € 4
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vData allows you to import / export Joomla users, Menus, Modules, Categories, Articles, Tags etc and all available third party extensions you can think of e.g. Virtuemart, K2, JoomShopping, HikaShop, EShop, iJoomla Ad Agency, DJ Classified, PayPlans, MossetsTree, Easy Discuss, JomSocial, EasySocial, EasyBlog, SobiPro, ZOO, Kunena, JEvents, Event Booking, OS Property etc. vData is Powerful, Secure, Intuitive and Easy-to-use Data Management Tool that will save your time, ensure accuracy and reduce your costs of Data Migration by up to 95%. You can use it to import / export / migrate data from your old website to the New one.


vData is a crucial tool for importing / exporting a database with external source data and migrating data between Web Portals. It also offers you the ability to generate Widgets to give insight about the database and to let you monitor and analyze database and server performance. It provides you a very simple and flexible way to add / update / synchronize data to your Website in CSV, XML, JSON and directly from Database. You can get predefined profiles of Joomla Users, Menus, Modules, Categories, Articles etc and most of 3rd Party Joomla Extensions mentioned above to perform Import/Export Operation with just one click through our automated Profile Wizard.

It provides a number of reports and charts to help you track progress and obtain insights about your agile practices and you can also monitor your database and server resources as well.

You can set Email notification triggers on various events so that you can keep yourself up to date about important things on your Website.

vData provides you the ability to set up Data Display Profiles which displays Your Data or Items List from the Local / Remote Database, You can also get this data from API Feeds.

It's also capable enough to generate / import API Feeds in various data format like RSS2, RSS1, ATOM, XML, JSON and CSV.

vData has comprehensive listing of unique features and benefits that stands it at top of all the other competitive tools.


vData - Features & Benefits:

Connect with Any Data Source to Import / Export / Migrate your Website data
vData takes data for Data Import / Export / Migration Process from different data sources – CSV, JSON, XML and Databases (Local or Remote Databases). You can also import multiple CSV files simultaneously.
vData allows you to upload data source file straight from your computer or enter path to the file available on local / remote server to import in Database.
Ability to automatically map your data fields with your importing Database table columns.
You can also define whether to create new file or append the exported data to an existing file on the server to save exported data.
vData allows you to only add / update data into the required columns, you can simply choose to skip remaining columns.
You can use vData to add as well as update the records in your Database
vData can also be used to keep the Data synchronized between two Database tables.
Allows you apply filters to fetch the precise Data.
Ability to join Database tables to extract the desired Data from multiple tables.
You can also use vData to import / export data on your other Websites based on any CMS / Framework.
Ability to automatically Import / Export your Data with the help of Cron Jobs / Schedule tasks on your server.
Ability to directly send the exported file as an attachment to multiple email addresses.
Ability to complete the process in small chunks in case of Bulk Data Migration.
Allows you to define whatever separator you want to use in CSV file, such as pipes, tabs, space and semicolons; you are not constrained to using commas only.


Feeds and Logs
Allows you to create API Feeds of any Data available on your Website.
It provides you the ability to execute the complex functions and queries to retrieve your desired data and generate API Feeds for your website.
Allows you to generate / import feed in various data format like RSS2, RSS1, ATOM, XML, JSON and CSV.
Ability to directly view the generated API for Feeds in the browser by clicking on generated API Link.
Allows you to search, sort and apply filters on Feeds and Logs Records.
vData allows you to view and manage the logs generated by the tool during the Data Migration process.
You can get detailed information of all activities performed by the tool during the data migration (import / export / migrate ) process.


Manage Database in a Quick and Efficient Manner
Supports Multiple Database types: MySQL, MySQLi, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle etc.
Allows you to Add New Records, Edit and Delete the Records from a particular Table.
Using vData Quick Mode View, you can also directly Create New Table, Repair Table and Optimize Table.
Ability to direcly execute SQL command to display the table records or select a table from the available dropdown list.
vData allows you to Export Table Structure and Data to SQL, CSV, JSON, PHP array, XML OR YAML file.


Additional Features
The Most Flexible Dashboard Ever Designed.
Ability to divide dashboard in any no of rows and columns allowing you to create widgets with flexible width and height.
It use a variety of graphs, charts and pivot tables to create interactive, interesting and insightful dashboard.
Includes Line Chart, Area Chart, Stepped Area Chart, Column Chart, Geo Chart, Table Chart, Bar Chart and Pie Chart etc.
It provides Drag-and-drop interface which makes it easy for you to quickly reach the crucial information and analyze the reports.
It comes with few pre-built monitoring and visual analysis widgets that provide immediate productivity.
It allows you to add more widgets based on users’ interactions and behaviors on your site that meets even the most custom requirements.
It allows you to set up Notification alerts on meeting certain criteria.
Notification Emails are sent to Admins or any particular person whom the record belongs to.
Notification Email alerts can be reminding you of unpaid Invoices due today, Weekly Activity statistics or anything you can think of.
vData provides you the ability to set up Custom Display Profiles which displays Data Records or Items List from the Local Database as well as Remote Database.
Allows you to control user access to different sections/features of vData in both frontend and backend with Joomla ACL system.
vData offers Admins / Frontend Users to create numerous Widgets or Graphs out of your desired content. These widgets then can be embedded on your website anywhere with a module.
You can also set up Notifications to receive Data Migration Activity report on a daily / monthly / weekly basis or instantly when the data import / export / migration is processed.


Where it can be used?
If you are upgrading your Joomla website and want to migrate all the Data.
If you are migrating some data from one Website to another.
To automatically fetch data from an external CSV, JSON, XML Feed.
To synchronize your data residing in two Database tables or in two separate Databases.
To take a regular backup of some Important data on your Website.
To automate regular data Import / Export / migration Process on your Website.
To display the filtered data from database as per your very specific needs which you can not get to display with existing components.
To keep the users or subscriptions or transactions or other two Database tables synchronized.
To fetch data available on local server or coming from any external source ( e.g. Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Core PHP etc)
To fetch and display precise data from database by selecting a predefined Profile or by writing your own custom query.
To generate / import API Feed of your Website Data in CSV, JSON, XML format.
To keep an eye on the activities being performed on your Website.
To quickly analyze visits, sales, subscriptions etc on your Website.


To Import / Export Data in any core / third party extension e.g.
- Import Articles, Export articles
- Import Users, Export Users
- Import Menus, Export Menus
- Import Categories, Export Categories
- Import Tags, Export Tags
- Import K2 Items, Export K2 Items
- Import Virtuemart Products, Export Virtuemart Products
- Import JomSocial Users, Export JomSocial Users
- Import EasySocial Data, Export EasySocial Data
- Import EasyBlog Data, Export EasyBlog Data

Or Any other extension you can think of, vData allows you to easily import / export data of any available Joomla extension.

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