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Unite Showbiz  v.1.2.1
Version 1.2.1
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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Showbiz Pro is a responsive teaser displaying solution that allows you to show Custom Content with a set amount of teaser items.

Set Amount of Entries in 4 Level for Responsive Look
➜ Drag & Scroll Function
➜ Navigation Arrow can be added anywhere in the DOM
➜ Predefined Helper Classes
➜ FullWidth and Single Width Reveals
➜ Smart Loading of Embeded Videos (YouTube and Vimeo)
➜ Undependent or Different height of Entries
➜ One by One or Intelligen Page Scroll
➜ Carousel or With End Point Scroll
➜ Various and Dynamic Height of Fullwidth Reveal
➜ Prepared HOver Functions
➜ FancyBox 2 Included !!
➜ Different Layout within one Teaser possible
➜ 4 Level Media Max Height Option
➜ Leight Weight jQuery and CSS
➜ Retina Ready Icons via FOnt Face Icons
➜ Fits in any Container
➜ Clever Prepared Helper Classes
➜ Unlimited Layout Possibilites
➜ Mobile Support

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