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Unite Gallery  v.1.7.10
Version 1.7.10
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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Fast, responsive and touch enabled to suit all your tailored needs. Unite gallery is the Swiss army knife of all galleries. The most unique feature of the gallery is the extended media manager which allows to upload images in bulk and edit ordering on the fly.

Responsive – fits to every screen with automatic ratio preserve

Touch Enabled – Every gallery parts can be controlled by the touch on touch enabled devices

Responsive – The gallery can fit every screen size, and can respond to a screen size change.

Skinnable – Allow to change skin with ease in different css file without touching main gallery css.

Themable – The gallery has various of themes, each theme has it’s own options and features, but it uses gallery core objects

Zoom Effect – The gallery has unique zoom effect that could be applied within buttons, mouse wheel or pinch gesture on touch enabled devices

Gallery Buttons – The gallery has buttons on it, like full screen or play/pause that optimized for touch devidces access

Keyboard controls – The gallery could be controlled by keyboard (left, right arrows)

Tons of options. The gallery has huge amount of options for every gallery object that make the customization process easy and fun.

Powerfull API – using the gallery API you can integrate the gallery into your website behaviour and use it with another items like lightboxes etc.

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