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JB Tour Booking  v.2.0.1
Version 2.0.1
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JB tour booking component is designed for travel agency. Its strengths come from its ease of use, yet comprehensive features to provide a complete solution for Package, Day trip, Excursions and Charter operators of all sizes. It support the private tour or joined group tour, fixed departure date, room type pricing model

Highlight features

  • Searching tour by some criteria such as: duration, destination, package type
  • Setup day trip tour ( city tour, sightseeing, cruise) or packages ( long trip)
  • Departure date setting: Support for private package( customer selects any depart date) or public package( customer selects fixed departure date by tour), including multiple departure date for single tour package.
  • Pricing definition: Pricing setting is very flexible then can apply for multiple package type. Price setting according to different type ( adult, child, group..), number of passengers, package option, room type, setup price by each passenger or group of passenger
  • Support single supplement, addon
  • Itineraries management: Can define unlimited number of itinerary, each itinerary has destination and separate information
  • Duration of tour: Can setup long trip by number of day or excursion by hour
  • Category management: Setting up information about tour styles such as adventure, cruise ..
  • Image gallery: Main tour photo and photo gallery
  • Promotion: Manage promotion for a tour
  • Document attachment: Allow upload tour document program and download at front-end
  • Providing detailed description of tour, Included and excluded information
  • Meta information
  1. Tour search module: Search tour by keyword, region, themes
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