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SP Page Builder is a powerful, feature-rich and super fast drag and drop visual page composer for Joomla. The Page Builder lets you visually create a fully responsive and mobile ready website in minutes. The frontend (also backend) tool shows changes instantly without refreshing the page. It empowers anyone to launch their Joomla site from scratch in the shortest possible time. SP Page Builder is a modern design system that enables you to take the full control of your site design without coding a single line.

SP Page Builder sports tons of incredible features that will make it the easiest ever to build a website. The Page Builder is hugely versatile and utmost user friendly. You will love the extension for sure. Let’s see some of the core features of SP Page Builder.

Everything you build with SP Page Builder becomes 100% responsive and perfectly mobile-ready. That means you don’t need any additional coding or configuration to launch a modern responsive Joomla site. SP Page Builder makes it so easy.

SP Page Builder offers you a world of ultimate freedom. You can create anything between a simple to a complex row-column structure conveniently. The Page Builder lets you insert unlimited number of columns, rows, nested rows, addons and contents.

The Page Builder has an interesting functionality of element re-usability. That means, with SP Page Builder, you can copy/paste/clone existing rows, columns and addons to re-use them and save time. Page Builder allows you to clone an element in just a single mouse-click.

SP Page Builder gets a brand new feature which you can use to enable or disable rows/columns/addons. This will let you show/hide individual page elements from the frontend while still keeping them intact on the backend. The enable/disable feature of the Page Builder offers a great opportunity to the A/B testers and busy developers.

SP Page Builder offers the maximum extent of freedom while building a website. Make changes to your designs as much as you wish. If a change seems not to be right, just undo the change. Similarly, you can also redo a change in no time. The Page Builder is that much flexible and user friendly.

While building a website, it requires to upload and insert a number of images. SP Page Builder has an advanced media manager to handle these activities smoothly. The Page Builder Media Manager supports images, videos, document files and archives.

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