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Socializer Wall  v.1.3.0
Version 1.3.0
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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Developer site JoomlaXTC / Monev external
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Manage dozens of social network links with total layout and style control with pre-made templates or use your own custom HTML and CSS. Icons can be shown in rows, columns and grids with one or more pages as well as special animation effects for page transitions.

• 88 Social Networks icons each with 3 different styles
• Supports multiple module copies with different configurations
• Arrange icons in columns, rows and grids with one or more pages
• 42 button sets included
• 12 built-in templates
• 5 data tags to display information such as title, link URL, alias, icon and position
• JXTC Showcase Library for Sliders, Tooltips, Pop-ups and more animation effects.
• 100% Joomla Moo compatible effects.
• Fully customizable Main and More Area HTML/CSS templates
• Font-based Icons for total style control over size, color and more!

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