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Social Login Integration k2


Social Login Integration k2  v.1.4

Version 1.4
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site Joomline external
Views 3,159
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Joomla extension allows to login to Joomla using social network account: Facebook, VK, Google, LinkedIn, Yandex, Twitter,, Instagram, WordPress, odnoklassniki. The extension uses the OAuth authorization, and allows quickly account creation on your site using social network account.


Social authorization extension abilities:
1. Supported social networks: Facebook, VK, LinkedIn, Twitter, odnoklassniki.
1. Supported sites: Yahoo, Yandex,, Ulogin, Instagram, WordPress, and Google.
1. The two sets of skins.
1. The ability to change the appearance.
1. Localization: russian, ukrainian, spanish and english.
1. Ability to assign the social network account to the existing Joomla user.
1. Merge multiple social network accounts into the one user account.
1. Switch-off of an account of a social network from the account Joomla.
1. Ability to fill the joomla user profile after authorization.
1. Avatars support social networks Vkontakte, Facebook,, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, LinkedIn, Yandex, Yahoo.
1. Support SEF Joomla.
1. Free plugins integration: JComments, Community Builder and Easyblog
1. Commercial plugins integration: Community Builder, JoomShoping, JomSocial, K2, Kunena, EasySocial, JComments Slogin Repost.

Complete set comprises:
- Component Slogin.
- Authentication module.
- Account management plugin.
- Authentication plugin.
- Social profiles plugin.
- Plugin for Jcomments.
- Social networks authentication plugins for: Vkontakte, Ulogin, Yahoo, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn,, Instagram, WordPress, Odnoklassniki, Yandex, Google, and

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