SobiPro  v.1.4.5
Version 1.4.5
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
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Developer site Sigrid & Radek Suski external
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SobiPro is an advanced powerful multi-content directory component for Joomla! that has been originally designed as a directory extension with CCK features. With SobiPro you can easily create multiple directories or any type of content.

SobiPro Key Features:

  • wide range of additional SobiPro applications to enhance the functionality of SobiPro (see below)
  • MVC (model view controller) software architectural pattern
  • CSS3, HTML5 and XSLT to render the output
  • integrated router for SEF URLs
  • mobile ready with Bootstrap (Bootstrap 2 and 3 available)
  • features native multi-language support (more than 30 languages available)
  • unlimited nested category tree structure
  • category fields!
  • entry modifications history/logging (conservative or moderate) with revision comparison
  • basic Paypal payment system integrated
  • 10 predefined input filters (alpha, alpha-numerisch, float, integer, email address, web url, complete web url, single letter, phone number, entry title)
  • possibility to create own input filters using regular expressions
  • system check and error logging feature
  • xml data debug system
  • advanced front-end ACL based on Joomla! user groups
  • advanced optimisation techniques (XML view cache, SQLite data cache, Javascript and CSS cache, Javascript compression/minifier)
  • site crawler to build the cache (also as cron job available)
  • built-in application manager to install additional functionality
  • possibility to connect to a remote repository to install additional applications
  • possibility of context sensitive help
  • flexible template system using CSS, HTML and XSL
  • integrated template editor
  • possibility to integrate own PHP scripts in the templates
  • different views to present the content (e.g. section view, category view, details view, vCard view)
  • template override for each view available
  • alpha index with filter by custom field
  • 11 integrated core field types (input box, textarea w/ and w/o Wysiwyg, single select list, multiple select list, checkbox group, radio button, email field, URL field, image field, category field, information field)
  • possibility to install additional field types
  • integrated category field with 4 different category selection methods (single select list, multiple select list, tree, fixed choice)
  • integrated image field supports resizing and cropping and thumbnail creation
  • integrated email field supports MX record validation and bots protection
  • integrated URL field supports URL validation, different protocols and a click counter feature
  • pay for field feature
  • automatic meta data creation by custom fields
  • microdata support (
  • advanced customisable search
  • priority search (10 different priorities available)
  • different search field types (single select list, multiple select list, checkbox group, radio buttons) dependent on the field type
  • range search with predefined or free data selection
  • category filter in search
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