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Responsive Testimonial

Responsive Testimonial Pro


Responsive Testimonial Pro  v.1.7

Version 1.7
Compatibility j3
Developer site Infyways Solutions external
Dev Price $ 40
Price 4 €
Remember to extract zip file!

The extension pack contains a component and two modules. Out of the two modules, one is Responsive Testimonials Pro Showcase which can be used to showcase the testimonials in any of the Joomla module positions. The other module is Responsive Testimonials Pro Form which can be publish in the module positions to display the testimonial form to collect testimonials. The extension is responsive and supported by all latest browsers.

Responsive Testimonials Pro Component Features
Component Views
Single Category Testimonial Form - On the front-end, an user will be able to submit the testimonial to a particular category which has been assigned in the back-end through options in the "Optional Settings" tab in the menu manager.
Multiple Category Testimonial Form - All the categories added in the backend will be shown in a dropdown list in the front-end. The user can submit the testimonial to any category.
Testimonials - A list of testimonials from selected categories can be shown in the front-end.

  • The form has 10 different fields - Category, Name, Email, Company, Position, Website, Ratings, Image, Testimonial and CAPTCHA.
  • Our of these 10 form fields 5 are mandatory fields (Name, Category, Email, Testimonial and CAPTCHA ).
  • The other optional fields can be disabled in the menu manager while creating a menu of either of the testimonial form views.
  • Admin Email Settings - Email notifications to the admin can be sent when a new testimonial is added in the front-end by an user.
  • Styling Options - The testimonials to be show using the Testimonials view of the component can be stylized easily in the menu manager. The text color, background color, font family, author and text bubble alignment can be done.

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