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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Pro


Google Analytics Pro  v.4.6.3

Version 4.6.3
Compatibility j3
Developer site Peter Bui external
Dev Price $ 5
Price 3.5 €
Remember to extract zip file!

Google Analytics plugin helps you easily add in Google Analytics to your Joomla website. It allows for both Universal Google Analytics and Asynchronous Google Analytics. Yes both Google Analytics codes.

Google Site Verification
Google Search Console Tools verification method. We've included the HTML meta tag verification method. This method is still the easiest verification method. However, if you're using this plugin for Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, they too can be used to verify your site on Google Search Console.

Google Analytics
The asynchronous (where this plugin initially started) and universal versions of Google Analytics still work but have been superseded by the Global Site Tag (gtag.js).

Our method correctly renders the tracking code into the head of your Joomla website. Obtain your tracking ID from your Google Analytics account, and input it into the parameters of the plugin configuration screen and you're good to go!

Google Tag Manager
For those that want to take things further and integrate Google Analytics along with other third-party tracking scripts such as Hotjar, Heap Analytics, HubSpot or Facebook pixel tracking, then this advance method is the way to go. Tag Manager will allow you to add and manage all the additional scripts within its interface outside of your website.

Our plugin correctly integrates the Tag Manager container ID into your Joomla website.

Obtain your container ID from Tag Manager and configure it within the plugin to start using Google Tag Manager on your Joomla website.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager options can be used in combination to manage different combinations of script execution.

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