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DJ-Reviews  v.1.3.4

Version 1.3.4
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site DJ-Extensions external
Views 2,465
Dev Price $ 45
Price € 4
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The weight will be used later to calculate the overall rating. So, website’s users will be able to write reviews, rate content (including DJ-Classifieds ads, DJ-Catalog listings, and J2Store products). DJ Reviews comes with a component, module, and plugins. Configuration options require creating a group of rating criteria and then assigning to each group the criteria according to the type of content. Depending on your needs, the configuration settings allow you to specify the scope of information about which users can extend their ratings: Title, comment, rating. Comments can be published automatically or only after being moderated by the administrator.


DJ Reviews is a commercial rating and reviews extension for Joomla. It gives the user the possibility to expand articles with reviews and ratings (comments features). You can create own rating criteria for different content types and set each of them's importance.

Easy submissions
Display reviews in the popup or below the content.

The rating and reviews extension is integrated with Joomla Articles, DJ-Classifieds (ads and users), J2Store products, and DJ-Catalog2 products.

You can set many options, including default avatar, date format, limits, and more.

Ratings and reviews customization
You can set your criteria and the weight needed for the overall rating. Reviews can also be grouped.

Multiple or single reviews
You can limit the number of reviews for each user.

Blacklist & Whitelist
Use a filter for words that you want to prohibit using. You can also create a list of words that you want to display.

With the modules, you can easily display ratings and comments wherever you want on your website.

Backend management
All ratings and reviews can be managed from the website’s backend.

Reviewing can be enabled for registered users as well as for guest users.

You can add emails purposed for informing about new reviews.

Comment existing reviews
Users can comment on all reviews.

For developers
There is also a possibility to create own theme if needed.


DJ Reviews documentation section

Like every extension we provide, DJ Reviews offers an extended documentation section where you can learn about:
- Rating Component and its configuration
- Rating criteria and rating groups
- Integration plugins for DJ-Classifieds and DJ-Catalog2
- DJ Reviews system requirements
- How to enable reviews in a component
- J2Store integration
- DJ Reviews Module
- DJ Reviews Objects Module
- And more.


Reviews Tutorials

Joomla rating extension documentation includes a tutorial section where you can extend your knowledge about this rating component.

There is only one tutorial article at the moment. This section will be expanded.

How to set up your own criteria
This tutorial shows you how to set up your own criteria in the rating extension. You can create them for various content types and let your website's users write reviews and rate articles, ads, or products.


Reviews Videos

DJ-Reviews Objects Module
This rating module for DJ Reviews allows us to display the objects rated with DJ Reviews.
Some examples:
- 5 Best rated items
- 10 Worst rated items
- 15 Most reviewed items
- 20 Less reviewed items

DJ Reviews Module
The DJ Reviews rating module allows making a list of single reviews (for example, "5 Latest Reviews")



The Joomla rating extension is available along with multilingual translation for different languages:

  • English
  • Polish
  • German
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • French
  • Portuguese

The number of language packs for Joomla reviews extension will be expanded!

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