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Perfect Open Graph and Twitter Card

Perfect Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags


Perfect Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags  v.1.1.11

Version 1.1.11
Compatibility j3
Developer site Perfect for Joomla external
Dev Price 7 €
Price 0 €
Remember to extract zip file!

When you share a Joomla article's link on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, it doesn't find the correct images and description from your site. Our plugin will fix that! Perfect Open Graph and Twitter Tags plugin adds invisible Open Graph and Twitter Card tags in HTML code with images from component, that Facebook or Google would know which image should display next to shared page description. This plugin works with all components. Images from Open Graph tags are also used when you click Like or +1 button.


  • adds Open Graph tags with images and page details
  • adds Twitter Card tags
  • search for all images in component (not whole page)
  • select default image when no image was found
  • select default image for home page
  • works with all installed components
  • filter components for which plugin should run
  • checks if image meets minimal Facebook requirements
  • debug mode which displays added Open Graph tags

To check which images are inside component add at then end of page URL: &tmpl=component or ?tmpl=component.

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