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MyMuse  v.3.3.2

Version 3.3.2
Compatibility j3 & j4.x
Developer site Gordon Fisch external
Dev Price $ 50
Price 5 €
Remember to extract zip file!

FREE version, MyMuseSimple, now available. Sell digital files only. More features in the PRO version. MyMuse for Joomla! is a Joomla! extension, modules and plugins. The extension is a shopping cart geared to musicians, choirs, DJ's, record labels and videographers who have individual tracks or videos that can be sold and downloaded including mp3's, video files or any digital file, as well as physical items for sale, like CD's or DVD's.

The plugins enable searching for products and add payment options and preview options. Uses jPlayer HTML5 player to preview mp3's or movies.

* Create multiple artists and catalog categories/genres for your albums. Assign products to multiple categories.
* Create products for CD's, add multiple tracks for sale and other items like sheetmusic, graphics, books, DVD's.
* Sell in multiple formats (ex MP3, WAV) with different pricing
* Add previews and show them using flash or HTML5
* Option to use Amazon S3 for storage
* Supports PayPal, Stripe and more.
* Assign users to their own categories and they can see sales reports for just their albums.
* Multiple views. Create menus for
o The Store itself
o Individual Artists/Categories in several different views.
o Particular products
o The shopping cart
o Shopper orders

2017-06-13: MyMuse 3.4.0 released. Add selling multiple formats, more options for storing files, send complete album as a zip file.

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