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Deluxe MP3 Player

Deluxe MP3 Player Pro


Deluxe MP3 Player Pro  v.2.3.1

Version 2.3.1
Compatibility j3
Developer site JoomlaXTC / Monev external
Dev Price $ 69
Price 4 €
Remember to extract zip file!

The JXTC Deluxe MP3 Player is a cutting edge, revolutionary MP3 player module/component that offers complete customization with simplicity and style to increase your design productivity to meet all of your creative needs and your client’s requests.


Simple upload and go - auto populate playlist fuctions

Flash Based MP3 Player with Multi Playlist Capabilities

Software Includes 15+ Custom Player Skins and Skin Templates

Static Module or Pop-Up Modes

RSS Podcast Playlist Feeds Capability

Custom Player Re-sizing options

MP3 Playback options including: Play, Pause, Volume Control, Scrolling Playlist, Sliding Seek (scrolls to any moment of the song), Shuffle, No Shuffle, Elapsed Time, Repeat one, Repeat All,No repeat options

MP3 Download Option

Unlimited Playlists

Multi-Modules with Multi-Playlists

Easy Playlist and MP3 Uploads

Opening views of tracks or playlists

Embedding Capabilities (allows anyone to embed your player anywhere – Perfect solution for myspace, facebook, and twitter!)

Friendly Tool Tip Pop-ups


Complete Customization and skinning of the player can be done in very simple steps by creating your own background as a .gif file and adding it to the images folder.

Add your own logo to the JXTC MP3 player by simply uploading your custom logo as a .gif file.

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