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JSN Easy Profile

JSN Easy Profile Pro


JSN Easy Profile Pro  v.2.9.1

Version 2.9.1
Compatibility j3
Developer site JSN Project Company external
Dev Price 20 €
Price 3.1 €
Remember to extract zip file!

JSN Easy Profile is a powerful profiler extension, it extends Joomla user profile management by adding custom fields and many other features.


  • Custom Fields
    Profiled users by creating custom fields. You can choose to create the following types of fields: text, textarea/editor, image, radio, checkbox, email, date, GoogleMaps (Pro version only), hidden, link, delimeter.

    • Avatar Easy Profile allows users to configure their own avatar.
  • User List & Search
    You can search users using the custom search form.

  • Basic Conditions with Usergroups
    You can set conditions for each field to hide/show other custom fields and assing Usergroups.

  • Redirect
    You can set redirect for first login, or for each login.

  • Jomsocial Bridge
    Many components are integrated with jomsocial. Good. Now thanks to the extension Jomsocial Bridge will also integrate with Easy Profile.

  • Registration & Edit Profile Tabs View
    You can set the layout for registration and editing the profile by breaking it down into tabs. In this way, each group of fields will be presented in a tab.

  • Name Style
    One of the limitations of Joomla is the name of the user, it uses a single field to profile the user name. With Easy Profile you can outline the users you want (example. name, first name and last name or first name, middle name and surname).

  • Joomla Registration & Edit Profile
    The development of Easy Profile seen in seamless integration with Joomla API. The user registration and profile modification are those of native Joomla. This allows us to have a guarantee on the security and lighten the load on the CSS Stylesheet. Easy Profile integrates seamlessly into the native user management of Joomla.

  • Author & Content Plugin
    With the Author Plugin you can insert a link to profile to each article. With Content Plugin you can insert any user field into article.

  • Joomla Native Multilanguage
    The field labels, descriptions, field options and everything else included are translated from native multilingual system of Joomla.

  • Login Type
    You can choose to login via username, email or both.

  • Privacy Control
    Easy Profile allows you to decide whether the user can set privacy for each field.

  • Social Connect (Pro version only)
    Integrate your website with the top 4 online social networking platforms. Easy Profile currently allowing you to login or link account with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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