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Flash XT

Flash XTC LE


Flash XTC LE  v.3.0

Version 3.0
Compatibility j3
Developer site JoomlaXTC external
Dev Price $ 69
Price 3.1 €
Remember to extract zip file!

The Flash XTC module is the complete Flash based showcase for Joomla.

No matter what your Flash skills are, you can create stunning Animated Headers, Slideshows, Banner Ads, and much more.

Those with no Flash knowledge will love the fact you can create spinning logos, 3-d rotating boxes, and stunning headers by simply applying the modules settings to your uploaded swf, jpg, gif, or png images. For those with Flash knowledge, you can expand the limits of the module by using custom flash elements for even more eye candy!

The module consists of three elements - background, title, and box area.

You can upload swf, jpg, png, and gif files to these each of these elements. The box rotator will auto animate unlimited images or swf files and with a few settings you can create flash magic!

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