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InviteX  v.3.0.4

Version 3.0.4
Compatibility j3
Developer site Techjoomla external
Dev Price $ 55
Price 5.5 €
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The most comprehensive Invitations system for Joomla with OAuth Contact Import, automated intelligent invites, rich invite content, tracking, points integration, reminders and much much more !!

InviteX was written with a very clear goal in mind - Help site administrators increase their site visitors and members using Viral Invitations. We can easily say that InviteX is the best invitation tool-set available for Joomla today. We not only give the best tools to help users import contacts and send invitations via email and private messaging, but also give some great features like rich content to improve the conversion rates of your invitation as well as automated invitations and reminders.
This is what invitex has:
1. Registration Invitations with support for multiple Registration Systems
2. Invitex Anywhere
3. Awesome Manual Invitations interface
4. OAuth API integration for Contact import from Major Email Services and Social Networks
5. Invite via URL
6. CSV Imports
7. Name Cards
8. Open Inviter Integration
9. Invite Only Registration
10. Invitation During Registration
11. Auto Connect Successful Invitees
12. Quick Contact Search on Import
13. Intuitive Imports View with Photos and Names
14. Invitation Tracking and Re Sending Invites
15. Domain Limitations on Invitation emails
16. Find Friends
17. Invitation Limits
18. Batch Processing for Emails
19. Stats Dashboard
20. Reward your users with Points Integration
21. Monetary Rewards via Affiliate systems Integration
22. Manual and Automated Invitation Reminder
23. Intelligent Automated Invitations
24. People Who Have Invited You
25. Rich Invitation Content using J!MailAlerts plugins
26. Personalize Invites with Data Tags
27. Social Network Extension Fields as Tags
28. Monetize your Invites with SocialAds Integration
29. Invite Unsubscribe
30. Detailed Configuration of Default Invitations and Types
31. Configurable Templates for HTML as well as text
32. Google Analytics Integration
33. Tight Social Integrations with JomSocial, EasySocial & CB.
34. Custom Landing Page
35. Invitation Expiration
36. Developer API
37. Native API Plugins
38. Invitex Anywhere API
39. Bootstrap 3 Support for Invitex
40. Quick invitations module for manual invitations.
41. Only Allow registration for Invited Email Address
42. SMS Horizon Plugin
43. Compatible with: Joomla 3.7.x, PHP 5.x, 7.0.x, 7.1

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