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Game News - Gavic

Game News - GavickPro


Game News - GavickPro  v3.13.2

Version v3.13.2
Compatibility Joomla 3
Developer site GavickPro external
License Read Rules external
Views 7,380
Dev Price $ 49
Price € Free
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Create your own network with this powerful news leisure theme for industry news and reviews. Unconventional in design, Game News uses multiple odd-sized section that nonetheless combine together for a visually-stunning layout. Explicit advertising space and multiple article tiles allows for a fast-changing frontpage that draws readers in, with extensive content-creation options to make your articles appealing to examine.

An original template suited for gaming, news and entertainment content

Despite the name, thsi theme can be used for any kind of entertainment news site, whether that be games, movies, books or TV shows. The eclectic layout can be easily modified to appeal to your core demographic thanks to the extensive layout, color and font options provided by the Gavern Framework, that underpins this theme.
Quick frontpage article updates make for ever-developing stories

The main part of any portal is the articles, and the selection of options for displaying your posts here is spectacular. Dynamism is at the core of the theme design; a module for displaying articles in multiple ways forms the core of the frontpage. Full control rests in your hands; choose to display images with titles, text snippets or just plain text, with the power to define how many stories are displayed by each instance of the module.
Personalize your site by changing colors, layouts, fonts and more

Customization options abound, with frontpage tabs for showing the hottest games, latest features and more, all fully-configurable. Multiple color and background choices help give your site a personal touch, and additional stylistic options improve and add flair to your text, with carefully-prepared lists, blocks and quotations to improve readability. For the handheld users in your audience, this theme is fully-responsive, so mobile or tablet users will get the full-fat site experience no matter where they are or what device they’re using.
Offer advertisements to attract investment from sponsors

Entertainment mediums are growing in revenue and reach every year; with the advertising blocks and background areas included in Game News you can allow external companies the chance to connect directly with your audience with subtle ad placing.

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