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GK Game - News & V

GK Game - News & Video


GK Game - News & Video  v4.0

Version v4.0
Compatibility J3 & J4
Developer site GavickPro external
License Read Rules external
Views 2,950
Dev Price $ 49
Price € 4
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Get ahead of the curve with this great gaming or tech theme, with powerhouse features for showing off your premium videogame-related content. Whether you've got articles, screenshots or videos, Game can accommodate all your media needs, with a professional aesthetic providing the frame.


Flexible modules let gaming enthusiasts highlight articles and videos

Technology enthusiasts are modern and tech-savvy, so your website should reflect that. This theme utilizes multiple extensions for displaying content in various ways to make your site a powerhouse. Our news module can show articles in a huge amount of ways; you can display the highest rated games, latest features or stories. Since video is an important part of modern data consumption, our NSP module can also create video overlays; when a user clicks on a video it will open in it’s own elegant pop-up to save space protect the site aesthetics.


Use the large-image header slider to make an immediate impact

Game's large background slideshow dominates the viewport when the site first loads, creating a stunning backdrop for the rest of your content. Multiple listings and article displays allow for posts from a range of subjects, including reviews, previews, hardware of editorials, to get their own space on the frontpage, with colored highlights for a high contrast, recognizable style.


Write articles your way with K2 and EasyBlog extension support.

It’s not all about flash though; advanced typographical options allows for brilliantly simple adding of formatted elements to make your articles that little bit different, with stylized quotes, lists, floated blocks and much more adding to your site's flair.


Ready to go for devices of all sizes with fluid web design

Game is built for users who know their tech stuff, so it needs to meet the requirements of a range of different browsers on a variety of screen sizes. A responsive layout lets this template offer a full-power site no matter whether your user prefers mobile or tablet, Chrome or Firefox. Each page element adjusts automatically to make the best use of the available screen real-estate.


Make the website of the future, today, with a professional template base.

Take the plunge and you'll find extensive template options provided by our Gavern Framework that gives you full control over copyrights, layouts, and multiple color styles to let you play with a range of different appearance options till you get everything just right. Make the most of these great features now!

Load up and press start on your gaming portal, with the heavyweight options the Game template has to offer.

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1 year ago
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I really like the Gavick theme. They have no visible bugs. You can easily adapt them to your needs. The only downside is that they rarely have new ones.❤💘❤
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