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YOOtheme Sonic - Events & Confere

YOOtheme Sonic - Events & Conferences


YOOtheme Sonic - Events & Conferences  v4.3.12

Version v4.3.12
Compatibility J3 & J4 & J5
Developer site YOOtheme external
License Read Rules external
Views 3,182
Dev Price $ 59
Price € 4
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Quickstart for Joomla 5, Joomla 4 & Joomla 3 - incl (all demo images) It's March and Spring is finally coming around the corner bringing fresh colors and Sonic, our latest theme release. Sonic comes with a clean but vibrant style, that features gradients on text and UI elements as well as layered background styles. A new topic and seven custom layouts cover the needs of any event website – in this case for a conference.


This theme features a minimalistic, yet colorful style. Gradients are the main player here. They decorate backgrounds, imagery, buttons, borders as well as a number of typographic details. This is combined with large but delicate headings, box shadows and some nice details, which makes for a unique style.


The topic of this month's theme is all about events and conferences. Each of the seven layouts included was created to provide everything you need to draft an informative and beautiful event website.

The Home page provides an overview of the essential information, like speakers, schedule and tickets, and at the same time previews the content of other pages. The Speakers page introduces conference speakers in an alternating panel layout and features a "Call for papers" section. On the Schedule page you will find the event's itinerary displayed in a nice timeline with basic information on the talk and the speaker. The Location page provides an introduction to the event's venue and hosting city through images, maps and references to public transport and accommodation. A list of sponsors and partners as well as an invitation to become a sponsor is presented on the Sponsors page. Under Tickets a pricing table, general information and contact details can be found. A little hidden page presents previous events with images that link to YouTube videos.

YOOtheme Pro is going to be released shortly and a lot of exciting stuff is coming with it. Some of the new features already found their way into this release. As mentioned above, you can now combine images with section backgrounds. In addition to that, there is a new background color option for headings, allowing us to place gradients on text elements for this style. These are just some of the new additions in YOOtheme Pro

The new YOOtheme Pro release will also contain new translations. Thank you for your contribution on OnySky so far. A lot of languages already have been translated and some are almost done. If you see that yours still needs work, please consider helping us out. For more information, read our documentation.


Stay tuned for YOOtheme Pro and as always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Beautiful Sonic style
  • 7 page layouts
  • Great for event websites
  • Conference topic
  • 33 lovingly curated and free-to-use images
  • All these features are available in YOOtheme Pro

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1 year ago
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Very well made but has something to improve before use it
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1 year ago
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Perfect design template!
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2 years ago
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Excellent theme for conference events
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