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JoomShaper Startup Landing


JoomShaper Startup Landing  v.2.0.0

Version 2.0.0
Compatibility J3 & J4
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Startup Landing is a Joomla landing page template for mobile apps, SaaS, books, any single product or even webinar, and many more. It is a carefully designed template that can effortlessly take whatever visage you think best suits your business needs. The Startup Landing Joomla template comes with multiple landing page designs. Tons of conceptually unique sections are readily available out of the box. You can match them to your branding precisely and advertise your products & services online like a champ.

This Joomla landing page template is built using the popular drag and drop SP Page Builder Pro which is extremely helpful while setting up & editing the site content. Almost everything about this startup Joomla template can be personalized. Save a lot of time by using the available customization options and the pre-designed pages & elements. The QuickStart pack having SP Page Builder Pro (save $49) and Helix Ultimate inside allows you to get the stunning demo appearance in minutes!

If your startup needs a fully modern and up-to-date online presence, Startup Landing could be a perfect choice for you.



Feature 1
Startup Landing is a creatively designed Joomla landing page template for SaaS, agency, mobile app, and other single product or service startup sites. This Joomla landing page template brings a different look & feel in 6 unique designs built for specific product and service niches. Each of these pages comes with plenty of elements and features that have been created for the needs of the respective businesses.

Whether you want to showcase a book, display a mobile app with features, or present services in details, the Startup Landing Joomla template has you covered. With plenty of dedicated addons, interactions, portfolios, and multiple pricing plan options available in Startup Landing, you can kickstart your business easily.

Features of the Startup Landing Joomla template

6 unique landing pages for 6 different niches
Card-style modular landing page design
Multiple pricing plan variations
Seamless interaction effects
Unique gallery & blog
Portfolio ready with SP Simple Portfolio component
Webinar & Rating addons
Group Avatar & Article addons
SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate


Feature 2
Mobile App Landing Page Design
Present any mobile app in the best possible way. Introduce the app with its premier screen at the top right, display app ratings in different app stores, have logos of the featured or partner websites and many more. Whether you have a generic app or specialized ones like meditation or wellness related stuff, Startup Landing’s Mobile App design covers it all.

Describe how the app works or helps in stylish cards with text, icons, and images
Have a sneak peek of what your app offers with screens and other visuals
Curate app reviews and present them beautifully to grow the potential users’ trust
Ask people to try your app with the right download links of available stores


Feature 3
SaaS Landing Page Design
Are you providing any software as a service (SaaS) like intranet tools for digital workplaces? The SaaS landing page will perfectly fit your business and present your service to the visitors in the right way. Preview the software screens, display features & functionalities, and do many more on a single landing page.

Preview the software and let people try your software demo for free
Display essential software stats in pie progresses and offer a free trial
Describe the features and functionalities, also present how it looks inside
Have webinar areas and place some cool CTAs to try the software


Feature 4
Product Landing Page Design
If you are selling a single product like e-bike or any other item of your choice, Startup Landing has a dedicated landing page to showcase your product. Display features, functionalities, product specifications, and more with attractive visuals.

Showcase the product at the top with the user reviews for a greater first impression
Expose the power of your product in features with text, images, and icons
Display product specifications with categorized technical details in cards
Place mobile app links or anything related to your product with relevant visuals


Feature 5
Book Landing Page Design
The Book landing page design has been crafted for serious writers wishing to showcase their books for the readers. The engaging Book landing page is ideal for any writer, publisher, or anybody whoever wants to sell books (hard copy) or eBooks online.

A hero section with a slider, rating, description, and CTA button to attract readers
Showcase what the readers will get inside the book in a card-style numbered list
A dedicated author area describing the author with visuals and social links
Let the readers have a sneak peak of the book by opening some pages in public
Place readers’ reviews and display recognitions & achievements of the book


Feature 6
Agency Landing Page Design
Your agency website has to look cool with mostly services and projects. That’s what Startup Landing’s agency design addresses at its core. Alongside displaying what you do, it showcases your curated portfolios smartly to attract potential customers. There’s also a dedicated team page for agencies to showcase their team members.

Tell about the services your agency/business offers
Present some of the curated projects you completed of your clients
Showcase your team members with their visuals and social profiles
Have customer reviews and place your email address in a noticeable way


Feature 7
Webinar Landing Page Design
Webinars are being popular and having a major impact on the tech industry nowadays. Tech giants like Amazon are running a lot of webinars to educate their users. No matter what purpose you have with your webinars, you can surely achieve that with our webinar landing page. It has everything in it.

Showcase recorded webinars with a featured one right at the top in the hero section
Display upcoming webinars with their dates and times for people to register and attend
You can offer a book or other resources for visitors to collect through given emails
Have a blog area featuring recent posts and place a newsletter subscription section

Feature 8
3 Brand New Addons
Everytime we release a template, we bring new addons and polish few existing ones to work with the new design and functionalities. The Startup Landing template brings 3 brand new SP Page Builder addons to deliver these features and functionalities.

Webinar: Showcase recorded webinar episodes on any page of the website with Webinar addon by defining number of the items, durations, alignment, and more.

Group Avatars: Have multiple avatars wherever necessary with title and description. Add each avatar individually and manage them smartly.

Rating: Display app rating or any other rating related to your business. Manage ratings and display them with the brand new Rating addon.
Seamless Interaction
The entire Startup Landing Joomla template has been designed with plenty of interaction effects. Each of its pages makes your web elements dance with dazzling effects. You can make your website more lively and interactive with the built-in interaction effects.

Get a landing page design that is completely different from the traditional flat ones
Let your website visitors visualize information interactively with different effects
Make changes to interactions easily with the power of SP Page Builder and the Startup Landing template

Feature 10
Pricing Plan Variations
One of the most unique things about the Startup Landing Joomla template is that it has 4 pricing plan designs to choose from. You can literally choose anyone that suits your purpose. Each of these pricing plans resonates the template’s card-style design and goes well with any of the 6 home variations.

Both vertical and horizontal pricing plan options are available
You can switch from monthly to yearly plans in a single click
Describe each pricing option with features and other details

Have user reviews and awards alongside plans.

Feature 11
Unique Gallery, Blog, Portfolio & Team
Most of the niches we covered with our landing page variations would require galleries, blogs and portfolios. This is why we designed them with utmost care. No matter the business you run with Startup Landing Joomla template, if you want gallery, blog, portfolio, and team pages, they are ready for you.

Gallery: Display images in a card-style unique design. Have all images in one place and open each of them in popups.

Blog: Have a grid-style blog with a sidebar to showcase posts. Display recorded webinar episodes & post categories, and place a live chat option.

Portfolio: Showcase projects as portfolios in portfolio directory, and display each project in details on portfolio details page. We used SP Simple Portfolio extension to set things up.

Team: Introduce your team members to the visitors with their photos, names, designations, and social links to grow more trust.


Feature 12
Built-in Pages
Alongside 6 different business landing page variations, Startup Landing comes with all required pages ready inside its template package. You can get stylishly designed contact, coming soon, and other pages with this Joomla landing page template.

Contact: Showcase physical address, phone numbers and a contact form for the visitors to reach you in different ways.

Coming Soon: A nicely designed page to let the site visitors know what goodies are awaiting them next.

404: A premade 404 page intended to save you from oopsie moments and a big bold button to head home.

Registration: There’s a registration page with user-friendly form fields to get intended visitors registered easily.


Feature 13
SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate
Startup Landing is built using SP Page Builder Pro. It crafts designs brings unique interactions, enhances the presentation, and adds powerful animation effects to the content. This template utilizes Helix Ultimate, the most popular template framework on Joomla.

Have an outstanding design with the capacity to customize each and every detail.
Add interactions and animation effects to make web pages more lively.
Build, style, and customize sections and make 100% mobile-friendly layouts.
Tweak existing designs and personalize each of the pages to reflect your ideas.

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