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jLike social share extension displays social media icons on the Joomla website for users to share content easily on their social networking...

Dev Price  $ 40
Price-1001 4 €

JoomBri Freelance extension helps to build Freelance or Reverse Auction site in a few minutes. - All new fresh look & feel with Bootstrap v5...

Dev Price  $ 45
Price-1014 4 €

Dropfiles, the easiest and powerful files manager for Joomla. The AJAX interface save you a lot of time and allows you to manage a massive amount of...

Dev Price  $ 34
Price-1025 3.2 €

JRealtime Analytics is a NEW AND COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION for analytics stats that integrates with every Joomla! extensions without the need...

Dev Price  49 €
Price-1027 4 €

JSitemap the Joomla sitemap generator is an award winning extension and a complete SEO solution for Joomla! It's the most popular solution to manage...

Dev Price  49 €
Price-1029 4 €

JSN ImageShow is one of the most popular photo gallery extensions for Joomla! It’s built for developers, webmasters, photographers and publishers to...

Dev Price  $ 49
Price-1030 4 €

Komento is an advanced comment extension that allows your website visitors to comment on articles, blogs and product pages. Komento was one of the...

Dev Price  $ 35
Price-1062 4 €

Have you ever wanted to display a clean & well designed map on your website? Now it becomes true without any custom development and without any...

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-1063 3.9 €

Media Store is a Joomla 3 extension developed by ExtStore Team that allows you to sell downloadable products such as documents, e-books, software,...

Dev Price  € 30
Price-1067 3 €

Creative Slider is a premium multi-purpose layer slider for creating image gallery sliders, content sliders, and mind-blowing slideshow with...

Dev Price  $ 19
Price-1149 3.2 €

YOO Widgetkit 3 Pro - incl (Demo package) allows you to create custom content or select content types, like WordPress posts or Joomla articles. You...

Dev Price  39 €
Price-1163 3.4 €

SP LMS is a multi-purpose elearning management extension for Joomla 3.7 - suitable for various education concepts. It provides the simplest platform...

Dev Price  $ 59
Price-1169 5 €

Community Builder (CB) is an extremely flexible and robust social networking solution for Joomla. CB has a huge user base, a long history and a...

Dev Price  $ 99
Price-1172 5 €

The ultimate advertising extension for Joomla! Ad Agency is designed to help publishers earn revenue by placing ads on their Joomla sites....

Dev Price  $ 147
Price-1177 10 €

If you were planning to launch a kindergarten or elementary school website, that will require a purpose oriented dedicated system to manage the...

Dev Price  $ 19
Price-1204 5.9 €

JSN EasySlider is a multi-content slider with super user-friendly interface. With its meticulous UX and UI, all can create, modify and customize an...

Dev Price  $ 49
Price-1206 4.9 €
JSN PageBuilder4

JSN PageBuilder 4, the new generation Joomla! Page Builder from JoomlaShine, helps you to build complex web pages during making your coffee. The...

Dev Price  $ 69
Price-1208 4 €

Easily keep track of what is happening on your Joomla site and what users have done.LOGman is capable of logging more than 110+ different user...

Dev Price  $ 99
Price-1211 5 €

Provide support services on your site, the easy way. BBcode or full HTML editing. Email replies. WYSIWYG email template editing. Multilingual...

Dev Price  40 €
Price-1217 4 €

AcyMailing Enterprise - incl (plugins, Templates) is a reliable Newsletter and email marketing extension for Joomla. It enables you to efficiently...

Dev Price  € 89
Price-1225 4.9 €

J2Store is a native Joomla shopping cart and e-Commerce extension. Create your online store and sell online fast and easy. It extends articles as...

Dev Price  $ 39
Price-1227 3.9 €

JUX Gallery a joomla photo gallery extension from JoomlaUX team is an exceptional responsive Joomla gallery component to present neat & beautiful...

Dev Price  € 12
Price-1251 2 €

Akeeba Backup Core is the most widely used open-source backup component for the Joomla! CMS. Its mission is simple: create a site backup that can be...

Dev Price  € 40
Price-1256 4 €

ARI Smart Content" combines various Joomla! widgets like: accordion, table wrappers, tabs, popup, scrollers, news sliders, lightbox, graphs and...

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-1259 3.9 €

Art Data v2.2.9 makes it easier than ever to visualize data on a Joomla 3.x website. Create 2 types of tables and 12 types of charts. Custom...

Dev Price  € 20
Price-1266 3.5 €

Simple Social Media Stream extension is the best choice for those who are looking for an easy way to share their social networking updates on their...

Dev Price  $ 15
Price-1269 3.5 €

✔ AutoTweet NG PRO automatically posts your content to Facebook (Profile, Page, Photo or Group), Twitter, LinkedIn (Profile or Company) and more....

Dev Price  $ 66
Price-1271 5 €

Import HTML pages as Joomla articles in seconds! Have you built a Joomla site? Do you now want to import content to it, but don't want to spend...

Dev Price  149 €
Price-1281 4 €

Affiliate Tracker is a complete affiliate tracking tool for Joomla site owners to create a full Affiliate Program. Track referrals, comission sales...

Dev Price  € 39
Price-1354 5 €

SP Medical component is here. Making a medical or healthcare service site with required functionalities is so easy with this extension. The beauty...

Dev Price  $ 59
Price-1358 4 €

Get the most advanced Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap & Mapbox search and display locator for Joomla with super advanced features. My Maps...

Dev Price  $ 34
Price-1364 3.4 €

Joomla! sport component that allows you to create and manage your sport website with your league statistic and sport league tournaments information....

Dev Price  $ 499
Price-1392 6 €

The Params addon will give you more elements to use in your page and will add some features to the component. The Params package will install some...

Dev Price  € 19
Price-1425 3.1 €

A complete and flexible video share solution for Joomla with a wide range of features. "All Video Share" is the best free Video Player and Video...

Dev Price  $ 49
Price-1439 4 €

OSCampus is the best way to build an online training site with Joomla. OSCampus is incredibly robust and is already used by 1,000's of people every...

Dev Price  $ 69
Price-1446 4 €

Do you want social icons on your Joomla site? Choose Easy Social Icons. The Easy Social Icons module is a simple way to add Joomla Social Icons for...

Dev Price  $ 19
Price-1447 3.1 €

Almost every organization's web site can benefit from an events calendar. For Joomla web sites, the obvious and most popular choice is JCal Pro....

Dev Price  $ 49
Price-1449 3.2 €

Joom Donation is leading donation extension for Joomla. It allows you to collect donors information and get donation(one-time and recurring) from...

Dev Price  $ 30
Price-1459 4 €

Shack Forms is the easiest and most powerful way to add forms for your Joomla site. Shack Forms allows you to customize forms and then show them in...

Dev Price  $ 39
Price-1465 5 €
OS Events Booking1

OS Events Booking - incl (Plugins, Languages) is the most powerful, features rich, easy to use Events Registration extension for Joomla. It allows...

Dev Price  $ 39
Price-1486 4.5 €

Solidres is a hotel booking extension for Joomla! CMS. Solidres itself is a free extension and you can download, install and use it in unlimited...

Dev Price  $ 89
Price-1520 5 €

The most powerful Joomla! events registration/events manager extension provides all needed features to create, display any type of event, manage...

Dev Price  $ 55
Price-1521 4 €

vChart is an advanced charting Joomla component that fulfills any data visualization need. It contains a lot of customizing options and a very...

Dev Price  $ 69
Price-1616 5 €

JReviews is a directory, classifieds, reviews, ratings, catalog, content construction kit (CCK), and multi-media gallery component, all rolled into...

Dev Price  € 179
Price-1624 5 €

Paid Events & Ticketing for EasySocial, JomSocial Events & JEvents. Add some more Monetization Punch to you Website today! Wouldn't it be Awesome if...

Dev Price  $ 33
Price-1656 3.1 €

JoomTestimonials is a joomla! component that showcase testimonials and suggestions in your website, this component allow your users to submit their...

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-1657 3.4 €

DJ-Messages is easy to setup Joomla PMS (Private Messaging System) that lets website users communicate with each other by using a simple...

Dev Price  $ 26
Price-1665 3.2 €

My Testimonials is Joomla extensions that allows you to get clients testimonials and display them the way you want. It's fully integrated with...

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-1672 3.1 €

HIGH PERFORMANCE SEARCH FOR JOOMLA!, Geek Elasticsearch component is a powerful tool that can be used to improve your Joomla site's search Engine...

Dev Price  $ 45
Price-1711 5 €

SP Booking is a complete and robust travel booking solution for Joomla. The extension provides each and every feature necessary for travel booking...

Dev Price  $ 63
Price-1722 4 €

JoomShopping - incl all (Addons, Template, Robokassa). JoomShopping Online Store, responsive! Is the easiest to use OnlineShop for Joomla. More than...

Dev Price  € 204
Price-1813 5 €

YOOtheme Pro offers everything you need to create sophisticated websites for WordPress and Joomla in minutes. Get premium layouts and beautiful...

Dev Price  $ 49
Price-1860 3.2 €

Essential Addons for YOOtheme Pro, Thoughtfully crafted addons to boost YOOtheme Pro page builder for Joomla. Feed your layouts with structured data...

Dev Price  € 49
Price-1971 4 €

"ARI Smart Book" is a Joomla! flipping book extension which creates digital publications like books, magazines, booklets, portfolios, brochures and...

Dev Price  $ 36
Price-2005 4 €

JoomMap is a unique and comprehensive mapping solution for Joomla, you can create advanced map based directories easily. Define the content for each...

Dev Price  $ 39
Price-2006 4 €

JoomFunding is the best Joomla component that let you build a crowdfunding platform website that provides functionalities for building and managing...

Dev Price  $ 69
Price-2007 6 €

- incl (Plugins & Cjlib). Joomla! quiz component to create quizzes and courses in minutes with an advanced form builder, one-page quiz response...

Dev Price  $ 99
Price-2008 6 €

A complete music management system that helps musicians get their music online. It helps you to share albums, songs, artists and playlists with your...

Dev Price  $ 99
Price-2009 6 €

Payment Form (PMF) is a Form creator extension for Joomla allow you to collect information and get payment from your site members / visitors (for a...

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-2014 3.6 €

MyPlayer component is a user profile MP3 player for your Joomla community. It can be used as standalone Joomla application or integrates with CB,...

Dev Price  € 30
Price-2016 3.6 €

Latest News Enhanced Pro is a full-blown component with blog views and an all-in-one news/articles module presenting the latest, featured, popular,...

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-2019 3.1 €

JoomRecipe is the best Joomla Recipe Extension, let you do everything you need to efficiently manage your recipes and cookbooks inside your joomla!...

Dev Price  $ 59
Price-2023 6 €

JoomPMS is the best component that let your Joomla users to send private messages between each other. Users can send, read and manage private...

Dev Price  $ 39
Price-2024 4 €

JoomCRM is a Joomla CRM (Customer Relationship Management) component that lets you organize your sales and grow your business quickly and easily....

Dev Price  $ 79
Price-2025 6 €

CoalaWeb Contact is a complete contact form package designed to give users a quick and easy way to place contact forms anywhere within their Joomla...

Dev Price  $ 18
Price-2030 2 €

Easy Jobs Manager is an awesome Joomla component that let you build a website for publishing and finding jobs. Jobs management, Companies,...

Dev Price  $ 49
Price-2031 5 €

Droptables is the only table manager for Joomla that offers a real spreadsheet interface to manage tables like excel, google sheet. Plus, all the...

Dev Price  $ 34
Price-1026 3.1 €

PWT ACL - formally known as ACL Manager - makes Joomla ACL easy to understand and manage. It provides a great overview of all Joomla ACL settings...

Dev Price  € 29
Price-1854 3.5 €

Unite Slider is an innovative, responsive Joomla Slider Extension that displays your content in the most beautiful way. Whether it’s a Slider,...

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-1270 3.9 €

Aimy Capture-Less Form Guard is a user friendly way to protect your forms from spam bots and therefore improves the security of your Joomla!...

Dev Price  € 19
Price-2003 3.2 €

4SEO is our latest SEO extension. We've been working on it for nearly a year but it's the direct result of 14 years of experience working with...

Dev Price  $ 95
Price-2001 6 €

VikBooking is an Independent Booking Engine (IBE) for Joomla designed for single property accommodation businesses. Currently the only Joomla Hotel...

Dev Price  140 €
Price-754 10 €

- incl (Plugins & Themes) Make the same menu as on Create your own Joomla megamenu. Multicolumns, module loading, menu image, multiples...

Dev Price  29 €
Price-858 3.5 €

The plugin Maximenu CK Mobile will transform your megamenu into a mobile application. Give a new look to your website for the visitors on tablet...

Dev Price  19 €
Price-839 3.2 €

Universal Product Slider is a full featured extension, which can show your products from VirtueMart 2.x & 3.x, JoomShopping, HikaShop, MijoShop and...

Dev Price  $ 14
Price-1092 3.1 €

Based on the WordPress plugin, Shortcode Ultimate for Joomla features over 45 ready to use shortcodes via a slick user interface in Editor. W3C...

Dev Price  $ 35
Price-792 3.5 €

Joomla Quiz Deluxe is an enhanced Joomla! Quiz component to create a great looking quiz, trivia, test or exam. The extension provides an opportunity...

Dev Price  $ 69
Price-828 5 €

YT Shortcode - An amazing tool with fresh and clean UI layout that will help you easily add maps, forms, charts, buttons, gallery and many more...

Dev Price  $ 15
Price-27 2 €

JUX Horizontal slider is a module by JoomlaUX team that is used to display images in accordion style which can present your gallery with title,...

Dev Price  9 €
Price-1043 3.1 €

Increase the pagespeed of your website with Aimy Speed Optimization. Eliminate render-blocking (CSS and JavaScript), use preloading, minify HTML,...

Dev Price  49 €
Price-574 4.9 €

The weight will be used later to calculate the overall rating. So, website’s users will be able to write reviews, rate content (including...

Dev Price  $ 45
Price-851 4.2 €

Joomla search and filter extension - JA Megafilter is a powerful and flexible search and filtering system for your Joomla site. Supports multiple...

Dev Price  $ 35
Price-1162 3.5 €

JA K2 to com content migration plugin is a Premium Joomla plugin to migrate K2 content to Joomla com_content in one go. It can convert all K2...

Dev Price  $ 35
Price-1161 3.2 €

Minitek Wall is the most powerful and robust showcase system for Joomla, K2, Virtuemart, Jomsocial and Easyblog or for displaying images from a...

 v3.9.5.2 - 4.0.19  
Dev Price  20 €
Price-1073 3.5 €

JA Google Map Plugin allows users to embed Google Maps, into articles. A step further, it comes with a unique Code Generator, which allows...

Dev Price  $ 55
Price-841 5.5 €

RAXO All-mode K2 is a news module that shows your K2 information in an attractive way. It is the most flexible and functional tool for content...

Dev Price  $ 25
Price-827 3.5 €

The module is great for managing any categorised content like portfolios, galleries and blogs. Due to its light-weight and efficient approach, it...

 v3.4.9 & 4.0.8  
Dev Price  16 €
Price-813 3.5 €

SEO-Generator is a SEO extension for Joomla, which automatically generates keywords and description for each article by pulling text from the title...

Dev Price  100 €
Price-795 10 €

When you share Joomla links on Facebook and Twitter, those sites don't find the correct information... unless you use Shack Open Graph. This plugin...

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-1517 4 €

Advanced Template Manager is an extension that changes the way your Template manager works. It adds a multitude of functions.Many publishing...

Dev Price   € 39
Price-198 3.9 €

Balbooa Joomla Gallery is a Powerful Joomla Photo Gallery extension, allows you to create beautiful Joomla gallery with stunning grid layouts,...

Dev Price  $ 36
Price-1662 4 €

Allows you to publish Joomla! articles into multiple categories. Works for backend&frontend! Full integration for article URL routing, breadcrums,...

 v3.9.22 / v4.0.0.3  
Dev Price  30 €
Price-920 4 €

DJ-Suggester Plugin displays the box with suggested content from the currently viewed component. It works with: - Articles - EasyBlog 5 -...

Dev Price  $ 18
Price-929 3.1 €

Item rating is a powerful review and rating system for Joomla and K2. The extension has a flexibility in review and rating you've ever had before....

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-1726 3.2 €

Speed up your Joomla! website instantly with JCH Optimize. This plugin combines your external JavaScript and CSS files into one to minimize...

Dev Price  $ 29
Price-1190 3.9 €

Minitek FAQ Book is an Ajax-driven, mobile-friendly, feature-rich FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) component for Joomla. It features an innovative...

Dev Price  20 €
Price-1071 3.1 €

Anything you can do to help Google read your site is a good thing. This is why we develop OSMap. OSMap is the easiest way to add a sitemap to your...

Dev Price  $ 37
Price-871 4.6 €

If you can write the SQL to extract the data you want to plot, Plotalot will use the Google Visualization API to dynamically draw various different...

Dev Price  € 23
Price-1687 3.2 €

Communication is an essential aspect of online businesses, helping your customers better understand and use your products is the best way to...

Dev Price  49 €
Price-799 4.9 €

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